Goddess Jatmai

Temple History

The temple is beautifully carved out of granite with numerous small shikharas or towers and a single huge tower. On the top of the main entrance, one can see murals depicting mythological characters. The stone idol of Jatmai is placed inside the sanctum. The Jatmai Temple wears a decorative look on special festive occasions like Navaratri which is celebrated with much enthusiasm and devotion. This is the best time to visit.
But what makes this place more attractive is the beautiful waterfall flowing adjacent to the temple.


Additional Information

One can also visit Ghatarani waterfall, a larger waterfall situated 25 km from Jatmai Temple

From Chhattisgarh Airport, Raipur the Jatmai temple is around 80 Km, from Raipur Junction Railway Station it is around 85 Km. From Panduka bus stop the temple is around 15 Km. Autos are available from here to the temple.
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