Goddess Harsiddhi devi

Temple History

Situated in lush green forest this temple is believed to be constructed around 1726 by Maharaja Chhatrasaal. However there are no evidences about the year of construction . It is said that Goddess fulfills all the wishes of devotees and hence known as Harsiddhi Mai.

A legend claims that the thy of Goddess Sati fall here and hence this place came to be known as Rangir, Ran meaning thy and gir means fall/mountain.


Additional Information

Another legend narrates the story of a herder's daughter who used to play with an unknown girl from forest. The unknown girl used to give one silver coin every day to the herder's daughter.

When the herder came to know about this, he decided to look the unknown girl secretly, but he came in front of the girl and the girl took the form of a rock. The herder placed this rock on a platform a built a small temple. This is how the Goddess got placed at Rangir and eventually a huge temple got constructed here

From Dumna Airport Jabalpur the temple is around 184 Km. From Sagar Railway Station it is around 48 km. There are private buses from Sagar to Rangir but private vehicles are better due to limited number of buses.
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