Lord Hanuman

Temple History

Mehendipur Balaji is a temple where live exorcism can be witnessed by those who dare. Thousands of devotees flock this temple every day not just to be penitent, but to get their loved ones relived of evil spirits and ghosts. Some even say that this holy place is bestowed with such power that it could turn atheistic to a theist.

This shrine has three deities who are worshipped: Balaji (Lord Hanuman), Pret Raj (The King of spirits), Bhairav. The idol inside which is over more than 1000 years old was never created by an artist, it is believed to have self appeared. But, the temple around it was built in the 20th century. Legend says that this temple was bestowed with divine powers to cure people possessed with evil spirits and contained by black magic.

As the legend goes, the images of Lord Balaji and that of Pret Raja (the king of spirits) appeared from 'Mehandipur Dham' around one thousand years ago in a valley, amidst the hills of the Aravali Range. A priest had a dream in which Sri Balaji Maharaj indicated three divine deities and a magnificent temple.

Unlike, other religious shrines in India, here, you will get black-coloured balls as Prasad; no flowers. These balls are strictly prohibited from being consumed; they are supposed to be thrown in the fire inside temple. The temple is divided into four large halls, and as you enter, The first two hall are of Lord Bhairav, and Hanuman, where we are supposed to throw the black balls into the ceremonial fire, only after taking it over your entire body five times. After this, you seek blessings of Lord Hanuman who relives you off any graha dashas or sankat. Next, you are taken into the third chamber . You see many crying incessantly, pounding their heads over walls and pillars, and some even pouring hot boiling water over their bodies, feeling no pain at all. By now, those who have no courage left leave from a small exit just before the fourth hall. You won’t find many along with you in the last hall, which is why it was even scarier. There were children, men and women tied to rocks and pillars with metal chains. Some of them were being beaten by priests. It looked as if many of them have not eaten for days. When I tried to inquire, it seemed I committed the cardinal sin, those glares is something I’ll never forget. This practice goes on daily to free these people of malignant spirits, ghosts, etc. It is all pain and negativity that surrounds you in this last hall. Once out, you are advised to immediately leave the area or the village without consuming anything not even water. It is believed once you step out, there is always an evil spirit waiting to cling, and those who look back fall prey.

If you have wished for something to Lord Hanuman, then make it a point to visit him back once the work is done or the wish has come true


Additional Information

It has been often shared by those who visited the shrine that they get some sort of hurdles on their way, as if a sign of warning. Once you reach the village, you will for a brief time sense cold chills, despite the place being at the center of warmest area. With the normal life taking its course in the most usual ways, you will find a total change of worlds once you step inside the temple. people suffering from malignant spirits and black magic or spell get their relief when they make an appeal for relief to Shri Bhairav ji and Shri Pret Raj Sarkar who holds his court and awards punishment to the malignant spirits, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, evil eyed witches etc.

From Jaipur International Airport the temple is around 109 Km. From Bandikui Railway Station
it is around 29 km. There are private buses from Bandikui to temple. Autos and Taxis are also available.

The temple is at a walk able distance of 150 from Mehandipur Bus Station.
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