Sri Bhimeswara Swamy

Temple History

Shri Bhimeswara Swamy Temple is located at Draksharamam town in Ramachandrapuram Mandl in East Godavari District, Andhrapradesh, India. The main deity of the temple is in the form of Linga of 2.6metres height which is said to be of one large Crystal (known as Spatika Linga).
Draksharama temple is one the Five Powerful Temples of Lord Shiva known as "Pancharamas" in Andhrapradesh. This place is very famous as one of the five pancharama temples sacred to Shiva, the other four being Kumararama, Ksheerarama and Bheemarama and Amararama.

Draksharama Bheemeshwara Swamy and located in a green belt due to river Godavari. The temple (along with Kumararama Bheemeswara Swamy temple at Samalkot) has been constructed by the East Chalukyan king during Nineth century. The temple also consists one of the Shakti peetha, Sri Manikyamba. Irrespective of the kind, people who perform puja here will be free of their sins.

There is an interesting legend regarding the name of this place and existence of Lord Shiva in this place. During Tarakasura vadha, the Shiva Linga which was in the throat of Tarakasura broke into five pieces and one of the pieces fell here. Thereafter, it came to be known as Draksharamam. After the death of Sati, the 12th part of her body i.e. her left cheek fell here which is now known in the form of Goddess Manikyamba.

The temple is a 2 storied complex and looks like a fort. It has 2 Prakarams(paths). The outer Prakaram has 4 entrances in 4 different directions with beautifully carved Gopurams and each of the entrance is known in the form of 4 different forms of Goddesses i.e. Gogulamma, Nookambika, Moodhambike, GhattambikeIn this temple we can see Lord Bheemeswar Swamy, who is the main deity in the form of a tall Shiva Lingam. The Shiva Lingam is nearly 9 ft. A flight of steps leads one to the upper level of the Sanctum where one can see the upper part of Lord Bheemeswar Swamy. The speciality of this Shiva Lingam is that, the early morning tender Sun light falls on the Shiva Lingam. The Shiva linga is of a crystal texture. There are black stripes on the upper part. These are said to be the markings of the tiger skin worn by Lord Shiva when He was in disguise of a Hunter when he fought with Arjuna.

Manikyamba Devi’s shrine is present in backside of the temple at the left corner. Goddess face is looking towards left, signifying her as Vamachara Devatha.

Lord Vishnu shrine is present at the entrance of main temple. He is the Kshetrapalaka of Draksharamam. Lord Vishnu is present here along with his consort Lakshmi Devi.


Additional Information

Devastanam is maintaining choultrys at nominal price for the pilgrim’s accommodation. Another best option is to stay at any of the places like Kakinada or Rajahmundry as you can find pretty good accommodation here.

Devi Navaratrulu, Karthika Masam, Dhanurmasam, Birthday Celebration of Sri Bhimeswara Swamy varu, Subrahmanya Shasti, Maha Sivaratri and Kalyanam etc., are the important festivals of this Temple.

Kakinada (30Km) and Rajahmundry (43Km) are the nearest cities to this shakthi peeth temple.

Draksharamam bus stop is just 500 mts from the temple. Buses, taxis and private transport is available from Kakinada (30 Km), Rajahmundry (44 km) and Ramachandrapuram (6 Km) cities.

Draksharamam Railway station is (1.9 Km). The nearest railway stations are Kakinada and Rajahmundry.

Rajahmundry Airport (RJA) is 52.8 kms from the temple.
  • 6.00 AM to 12:00 noon and 3.00 PM to 8.00 PM.
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: (+91) 08857 252488