Lord Hanuman

Temple History

Jam Sawali Hanuman temple is located in Jam Sawali Sausar, which is approx. 110 Km from Chhindwara city. The 15 feet Lord Hanuman's statue in the temple is in the resting position which is very rare in India. There is no exact information about the establishment date of this temple but as per locals, the temple is more than 100 years old. As per legend the Lord Hanuman's statue was initially in standing position and there was hidden treasure underneath the statue. One day some thieves came to dig the treasure and the statue itself reclined and stayed in this position from then after. The locals tried all means to lift it but failed to displace it not even by an inch. Another legend claims that Lord Rama asked Lord Hanuman to rest after he came from Lanka and the Lord rested under this peepal tree. It is believed that no one can visit the place unless he is called there. Hanumanji of Jam Sawli has the magical powers to call his devotee to bless him


Additional Information

Lord Hanuman's statue is under a Peepal tree and it is said that the peepal tree is Lord Rama. Water continuously flows from Lord Hanuman's Navel and people can get rid off skin diseases if they drink this water. People also claims that wishes are granted in this temple. Unmarried youth and students often visit this temple to get their wishes fulfilled.

From Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur Jam Sawali Hanuman temple is 73.4 km. From Chhindwara Jn it is 63.3 Km, Nagpur Junction 66 Km and from Bardi Halt Railway Station 12.6 km. Since Bardi Halt doesn't have stoppage for most of the express trains, either Nagpur or Chhindwara station should be preferred. From Main Bus Stop, Nagpur the temple is 68 Km and from Chhindwara Bus Stand it is 62 Km. Frequent buses are available from these bus stands for Sausar from where sharing vehicles can be taken to go to the temple.
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