Lord Hanuman

Temple History

This Ashram was established by Shri Shri 1008 Avinashi BholeBabaJi in the year 1962. Bholekuti ashram is mainly known for a huge Lord Hanuman’s statue which was placed under Bhole Baba’s guidance. This Hanuman temple is also famous for fulfilling people’s desires and for other remedial ritual.

The ashram has the Samadhi of BholeBabaji which is still and will be a source of inspiration for others. The ashram also has a YagyaShala where different kind of religious activities are performed. This Yagyashala has statues of various GOD and GODESS and an ideal place to perform different types of Anushthaan.


Additional Information

There is an old Banyan tree in the campus of ashram, this is the same tree under which BholeBabaji used to sit during his initial days in Shakti Nagar. Under the tree , there are some statues for GOD and GODDESS , Shri Hanuman Ji, ShriShaniDev, Nava Graha are some of the mostly visited ones. On the first floor, above Shri Hanuman temple, there is a temple for the GODESS which contains Durgaji, MahaLaxmiji and Saraswatiji. In the nutshell, bholekuti contains all the mostly worshipped GOD and GODESS by the hindus and hence lots of people visit BholeKuti every day.

From Jabalpur Airport the temple is around 18 Km. From Jabalpur railway station it is around 5 Km and from Madan Mahal station 2.0 km. Wright town Bus Stand is 3.5 Km , Damoh Naka Bus stand is 5 km and Nagpur Bus Stand is 4 Km. City buses are available from Railway stations and bus stands but from airport taxi and three wheeler auto are the only options.
  • 7 AM to 1 PM, 5 PM to 9 PM
  • Contact Person: Baba Vishwanath Das
  • Contact Number: +91-9424305400