Lord Venkateshwara

Temple History

US Embassy is not the only place you apply for US Visa, because this temple is known as the Visa Balaji temple (Visa God).

The temple itself is located in the banks of the Osman Sagar Lake, just off Vikarabad road. From the style and architecture of the temple, it can be postulated that the temple was built at least half a millennium ago. It is the oldest temple in Telengana, built during the days of Akkana and Madanna, the uncles of Bhakta Ramdas. Within the temple is the Swayambhu idol of the temple’s lord, Sri Balaji Venkateshwara, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi accompanying him.

According to tradition, a devotee who used to visit Tirupati every year could not do so on one occasion owing to serious ill-health. Lord Venkateshwara appeared in his dream and said, "I am right here in the jungle nearby. You don't have to worry." The devotee at once moved to the place indicated by the Lord in the dream and saw a mole- hill there, which he dug up. Accidentally, the axe struck Lord Balaji's idol covered by the mole-hill below the chin and on the chest, and surprisingly blood started flowing profusely from the "wounds", flooding the ground and turning it scarlet. The devotee could not believe his eyes when he saw this. Suddenly he could not believe his ears also when he heard a voice from the air which said,"Flood the mole-hill with cow's milk. "When the devotee did so, a Swayambhu idol of Lord Balaji accompanied by Sridevi and Bhoodevi(a rare combination) was found, and this idol was installed with the due rites and a temple built for it.

Sri Balaji venkateshwara, the Pratyaksha Daiva in kaliyuga, is thus available at Chilkur to shower blessings on His devotees who for any reason are unable to go to Tirupati. Many devout worshippers flock to the temple, to receive the blessings of the Lord and his consorts throughout the year particularly during the Poolangi, Annakota and Brahmothsavams

With the earnest desire to revive the former glory and importance of the temple, the idol of Ammavaru was installed in 1963 the year following the Chinese aggression, and when the aggression was unilaterally vacated, Ammavaru was given the name of Rajya Lakshmi, signifying this welcome event. The unique feature of this idol is that lotus flowers are held in three hands and the fourth hand is in such a position towards the lotus feet which signifies the doctrine of Saranagathi.

The temple has been visited by great Acharyas from time to time. A visit to the temple is a must for the Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt every time he visits the twin cities, and in the temple is installed the idol of the first Jeer. The Tilakayaths of Sri Vallabhacharya Sampradaya have been regularly visiting the shrine. Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt and his disciple graced the efforts of the trustees in improving the temple.


Additional Information

Easily accessible from Hyderabad City. Accommodation & Transportation facility is available in Hyderabad.

This temple is also popularly known as Visa Temple because many devotees come here with the wish of going abroad and get their wishes fructify.

It's customary to go around the temple (known as Pradakshina) eleven times and pray to god for a specific wish. Once this wish comes true, the recipient has to go again and take 108 Pradakshinas. Don’t forget to carry a pen and take the numeric card (given free).It will make your circumambulatory thanks to the lord that much easier to carry out.

This is one of the few temples in India which does not accept monetary donations. There is no ticket for darshan and No Hundi in this temple.

Chilkur Balaji temple is just 18 Km from Hyderabad City. Its very near to Himayat Sagar - Chevella ORR (Outer Ring Road - 3Kms only). From Nampally Railway Station is 26.2Km and Secunderabad Railway Station is 30.1Km.

MGBS Bus station is 26.5 Km. There many TSRTC buses are available from Mehidipatnam via Langer House which is 20 Km.

Shamshabad Airport (29Km) is the nearest Airport to reach this temple.
  • Morning - 6:00 AM to Evening - 08:00 PM
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: +91 84172 35933