Goddess Durga

Temple History

The Jwalamuki Tripura Sundari temple is situated in Uttanahally behind the Chamundi Hills in eastern side. The environment around the temple is very good and beautiful. The idol of Devi is in sitting, and extending her tongue out side.

Devi Mahathme is called as `Durga Shakthi; in `Devi Mahatme’ there is a description about the killing of Raktabeejasura. Raktabeejasura had a boon if a drop of blood from his body falls on the ground, then an equally strong Asura was raising from the very spot. Chandika Devi was fighting with the Asura with her powerful weapons and the blood was flowing in the earth. Thousands of Asuras were raising from the earth. Devi was killing those Asuras and she was perturbed. Very much afraid The Devatas were watching this great war and were the Devi prayed to ma. Kali, requesting here to expand her tongue so that blood will not fall in the earth. She can drink all the blood at swallow all the Asuras. Ma. Kali obliged the prayer she expanded her tongue drank all the blood and swallowed all the Asuras. The same ma.Kali is being adorned in Uttanahalli as Jwala Tripura Sundari. She is also famous as Jwalamuki.


Additional Information

Devotees can visit this temple from Mysore & Nanjangud main road, and from Chamundi Hills also, short cut road from T.Narasipur ring road. Thousands of devotees visit this temple daily and offering puja to Devi.

The Chamundeshwari Temple is 13 km from Mysore Airport 13.2 km from Mysore Junction. from Chamundi Hill Bus Stand the temple is at walking distance (290m). KSRTC bus facilities are available every 20 minutes from Mysore city bus stand to Chamundi hill.
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