Sage Agastha

Temple History

t is believed that the saint Agasthiya is the person who advice Ram to install Shiva linga in the Rameswaram and fixed the auspicious timing for the rituals and poojas and direct his rituals according to the Vedas (Holy Scriptures) .

The small Hanuman deity inside the temple is fully covered with senthooram (A saffron colored powder). This statue was brought from Dhanushkodi after the 1964 cyclone , The Ram,lakshman, sita idols in this temple were also brought from Dhanushkoti after the cyclone.

There are some floating stones in this temple, This stones weigh a lot but amazingly they float in the water. It is said by the priests that this stones are part of Ram sethu (The bridge built by lord Ram across the sea to reach Sri Lanka).


Additional Information

The Temple for Agashthiyar is situated near Agni theertham.

From Madurai International Airport, Rishi Agashthiyar Temple is 177 Km, Rameshwaram station 3 Km and Rameswaram Bus Stand 3 Km. City buses are available from Station and bus stand. Autos and taxis are other available options.
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