Goddess Nambu Nayaki

Temple History

Nambu Nayaki Amman Temple is the most famous Temple In Rameswaram. As There are majority of people having ‘Nambu’ in their names (like Nambu Rajan, Nambu lakshmi, Nambu etc.,) in Rameswaram the name “Nambu” is so common and famous word around Rameswaram island.

Nambu nayaki amman is considered as the protecting goddess of the south direction. Before the 1964 storm Nambu nayagi amman temple is located in Dhanushkodi, Being that the whole Dhanushkodi city sank into the sea, and it is announced by Indian government as ghost town( Declared as Dangerous place for humans to reside ) Nambu Nayagi ambal statue from the shattered city shifted and kept in the place as it is being now. There is a Screw pine plantation grows in the sand pits near the Nambu Nayagi Amman Temple

Those who don’t have children pray Nambu Nayagi Amman and tie a small cradle with baby Doll In the tree in this temple and worship her that “I will put your name if you blessed me with a child”. Many children in the Rameswaram island took birth after praying Nambu Nayaki , Hence the name Nambu is majority in Rameswaram.

People who are awaiting for marriage, those who have problems in their marriage or with their marriage, those who have troubles in their life worship and pray and perform fasting on Nambu nayaki amman to remove their problems and troubles. Those who suffering from depressed mind or having mental illusions stay in this temple , and take a bath in the theertham for cure. It is believed that theertham in this temple possess medicinal properties. Turmeric is provided as prashadham in this Temple.


Additional Information

Long ago, there were two sages named Dakshina Duruvan and Pachima Duruvan performed intense penance near the Nambu Nayagi Temple, By pleased by their deep worship Mother Parvadhavardini appeared before them and graced them . Since then, the sages continued to stay in the place and began treating those suffering from diseases. It is still believed that the rishis are helping people those who asking for the cure to Nambu Nayagi Amman.

During the rule of Sinhalese in this region, The king named Sulodharan became ill and reached the temple trusting in the grace of the Mother Nambu. The king was firm in his faith, built a hut nearby and continued his prayers and had bathing in the holy theertham.

As the Mother responded to the King’s prayers and cure him, he built a temple for the Goddess and also provided facilities for those coming to the temple for recovery from illness. From this incidents came the saying which is popular among Rameswaram people “Nambunayakiyai Vananginal Vambu illai” (it can be translated as “There will be no suffering if you worship Nambu Nayaki”) .

From Madurai International Airport, ANambu Nayaki Amman Temple is 180 Km, Rameshwaram station 12 Km and Rameswaram Bus Stand 11 Km. City buses are available from Station and bus stand. Autos and taxis are other available options.
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