Temple History

Once upon a time there was a Shiva Lingam in this area, this area used to be a dense forest, a saint called Sri Pankaj Maha Muni prayed for Lord Shiva every night. There is an inscription of Maha Muni picture and name on temple pillar that supports this story. As the time progressed ants nest covered up the Shiva Lingam. After few years a farmer by name Chinthakunta Odelu was polughing the land for farming. His plough accidentally hit the Shiva Lingam and soon after he heared Ohmkara Vani from the sky and thunders.The farmer astonished to here the voice of god who was angry at him. It is said that he heared following "O Odelu You have hurt me I am cursing you that your family will end".Odelu responded saying "O Loard I have done this unintentionally please forgive me or please provide me a way to cleanse my sin and help me obtain salvation".

God appread and blessed Odelu with salvation and said "O Odelu I will take the form of Sri Odela Mallikarjuna Swamy and reside here and grant wishes of my devotees who worship me and offer prayers. This village will be popular with my Adobe".God then diappeared but the shiva lingam was glowing with shine hence Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy is called Swayambhu.

Temple was reconstructed during the regime of Kakatiyas.On the southern side of the temple is Sri Bramarambha mata, on the Northern side is Sri Veerabadhra Swamy, Sri bhirava swamy as Kshetra palaka.On the west side of the temple is veera Shiiva matamu hence the big banyan tree on the western side of the temple is called matta Marri.Adi reddy and Nelmadevi couple from kondaveeti family did not have children for years.They worshiped Lord Shiva here and were blessed with a child.

It is said that Lord Shiva took the form of Sri Khandiswara Swamy to kill the evil people and saved the world.Medala devi from Balija community and Ketamma from Yadav community worshiped lord shiva and obtained salvation here. Hence on the north east side of the temple has is Sri Kandiswaraswamy with Medala devi and Ketamma statues.Temple is said to be reconstructed in year 1330 BC.During vanavasa Lord Sree Ram while travelling from Ramagiri to Ellenthukunta visited Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy here and worshiped. In memory of Lord Sree Rama's vist Sree Seeta Rama temple was constructed in the temple premisis.On the East of the temple is Bangaru Pochamma and on North-West is Madana Pochamma temples.


Additional Information

Sri Bramarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy vari Tiru Kalyana Mahotsavam celebrated grandly every year. Devotees from various cities participate the kalyana mahotsavam.

The following are the activities of this temple.
Nakabali, Ammavariki Kunkumarchana, Grama paryatana vuregimpu, Maha Shivaratri parvadinam saamuhika rudrabhishekam, Archanalu Radotsavamu, Ugadi, Bandlu tiruguta, Vahana Poojalu. Sree Rama Navami, Sree Seetha Ramula Kalyanam, Toli Ekadasi, Pedda Patnamulu - Agni gunda Mahotsavamulu, Swamy variki mahanyasa poorvaka ekkadasha redrabhishekamulu, dakshma yaam kadha sravanamu, gelupu utsavamulu, Saamuhika laksha Jwalarchana, Vinayaka Chavithi, Navarathri Utsavalu, Dussera, Vijaya Dasami (Shami Pooja), Karthika pournami Deepotsavamu

Karimnagar (50 Km) is the nearest city to reach the temple. Karimnagar is connected to all the major cities of telangana. Odela railway station is 2.9 km and Kazipet Railway Junction is 60 km from the temple.

Bhagyanagar express, Sirpur Kagaznagar Intercity and Kagaznagar express are the major trains available from Hyderabad City.
  • Mroning 6:00 to Evening 7:30
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: 087282 00320