Temple History

Marutigad in Mala area of Panaji has the most popular temple of Goa where the deity of Hanuman was consecrated and installed in 1933 and one has to climb a flight of 130 steps to reach it.
In South Goa, Cacora has a temple of Maruti on Marutigad, where celebration is marked for three days - starting from April 6 to 8. Cultural activity such as 'Kirtan', 'Bhajan' and performances of dramas and singing of devotional songs are also organized.
In Vithalapur of Karapur, a five-day celebration of Chaitrotsav will conclude on the day of Hanuman Jayanti with a performance of Veerabhadra's folk dance at midnight followed by procession of the idol of Vitthal in his chariot.
The worship of Hanuman in India was made popular by Madhuracharya, the eminent spiritual leader from South India during the eleventh century.
Madhuracharya visited Goa and the worship of Hanuman commenced through him.

The Maruti temple is situated on top of of the Altinho hillock overlooking the Fontainhas district in Panaji, the capital of Goa. It is dedicated to lord Hanuman, the monkey god and enshrines Lord Hanuman as the presiding deity.The Maruti temple is also beautifully lit up at night and as it is brightly lit the temple is visible from a distance. One can approach the Maruti Hanuman temple by following the old Margao road that runs parallel to the Qurem creek.


Additional Information

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Goa has two major railway stations — Margao and Vasco-da-Gama. Nearest railway station is Madgaon Station which is 34 km from the temple. Many trains and buses are available from all the major cities of India.
Goa International Airport is 25 km.
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