Lord Ganesha

Temple History

After Vinayak paved the way for his father, Lord Shiva made a grand entry into Kashi.
Lord Shiva praised Vinayak for his deeds. The latter was called Dhundhi Vinayak. All devotees who come to worship Lord Shiva in Visweshwar temple will necessarily have to come across Dhundhi Vinayak as it is the entry point and they will worship him first.


Additional Information

A person who worships Dhundhi Vinayak daily in the morning will find all his obstacles removed. A person who merely takes the name of Dhundhi Vinayak with full devotion will be blessed with all kinds of happiness.

Devotees should worship Dhundhi Vinayak on all Tuesdays. More importance is attached to Tuesdays coinciding with Chaturthi (fourth day after Amavasya or Poornima). A person who performs pooja of Dhundhi Vinayak in the month of Magha, Chaturthi after Amavasya will be blessed by God.

From Varanasi Airport Terminal the temple is 25 KM, from Varanasi Junction it is 4.6 KM and from Varanasi Bus Stand 3.9 KM.

Local buses, three wheel autos are available.
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