Goddess Mahakali

Temple History

Pavagadh’s Mahakali Temple is located on top of the Pavagadh hill which is about 45 kilometers from Vadodara.The temple is considered to be among the 51 Shakti Peeths and located at the highest point of Machi which is an uphill climb of 20 kms from Pavagadh. This temple consists of three images of the Goddess. Goddess Kalika Mata in the centre, flanked on the right by Kali and on the left by Bahucara Mata.

Dating from the 10th-11th centuries, Kalika Mata is the oldest temple in the area. the goddess Kalika Mata was initially worshipped by the local [Lewa Patidar and king / sardar is Sadashiv Patel] , until she was later invoked and installed by Vishvamitra on Pavagadh Hill summit, where she is worshipped as a form of Durga or Chandi.The story is for Mata Temple celebration a Garbha organised by people,Mata feeling very happy and assumed the form of a woman and danced in a Garba, King watched her with dirty look. Mata tried to explain who she was but king not agree so The deity became angry at King and cursed him that the town will fall, and same time Khandesh(Jalgaon) king in Maharashtra gave promise that you all come at khandesh and stay there. Named in honor of the Goddess Kali, the temple is believed to be the Kali Mata's residence, and is one of the Shakti Peethas, as the symbolic toe of the goddess Sati is said to have fallen here.


Additional Information

In this Indian temple there is a separate shrine for Sadanandsha Pir, a Muslim saint who is worshipped by the local people.On Chitra Pournami a great fair is held and a huge number of devotees attend.This Hindu temple is one of the famous Shakthi Peethas in India. The temple complex is divided into two parts. The upper shrine is domed like a Muslim shrine. The ground floor contains the Kalika Mata shrine.

Vadodara Airport 49 KM, Vadodara Junction 54 KM,Vadodara Bus Station 53.6 KM.

The temple can be accessed by a pathway from the road head through the forest over a distance of 5 kilometres. Alternatively, there is a ropeway access.
Buses to Pavagadh are easily available from the state transport depots. Don’t be bullied by the auto rickshaw drivers who will tell yarns of how bad the state transport buses are and will offer to take you to Pavagadh for anything above Rs. 500. On the other hand the state transport buses are cheap and efficient.

The majority of pilgrims choose to walk all the way up to the top of the hill from Machi which is a strenuous climb and can take between two and half to three hours. The Makai Kothar gate here located next to the rope way marks the starting of the final leg of the climb. The climb is very demanding and those who lack the stamina or are not in the pink of their health should instead opt for the rope way. The final 250 steps of the climb are extre
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