Goddess Renuka

Temple History

Mahur or Mahurgad is a town and religious place in Nanded district of Maharashtra, India. Mahur is the birthplace of Hindu God Dattatreya. Atri Rishi and Sati Anasuya lived here. Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva once got a news about Anasuya that there is no one more pious and pure as her. To test her piousness they arrived under the garb of asking Alm (bhiksha). When she brought it, they asked to serve them while being naked, she realised by her power that she is under a test. She made them a three headed child & fed them. This became Dattatreya, the unified God.

There are three mountains in Mahur. The first one and most known is of Renuka Dewi, who is mother of the god Parshuram. Other two are called Datt Shikhar and Atri Anasuya Shikar. Mahur has a sacred temple to Renuka, which is considered one of the three and half Shakti Peethas (temples) in the state.
When Sahasrarjun attacked Renuka, while somewhere in today's Telangana, for he wanted to grab the Kamdhenu cow. When she refused to him that saying asking gift of your own choice by the guest visitor is uncalled. He attacked her & injured her. She dies in this & when Parshuram knew about it, he went berserk. Then the elderly people pacified him & asked him to do the last rites in Mahur under Dattatreya's guidance. Then he was told by him that she will appear on first mountain for you to worship. This became the Renuka temple. The matru tirth is the one which is where today stands a lake, is antyeshti sthan.
There are many other temples in Mahur like Jamdagni Temple, Parshuram Temple, Kalika temple, Devdevshwar Temple, and also the Caves called Pandav Leni.


Additional Information

Dattatreya Temple, Anusaya Temple, devdeveshwar Temple and Parshuram Temples are the famous temples near here.

On auspicious occasions like Navaratris, Datta Pournima; Mahapuja is organised which is followed by Mahaprasad (Feast for the Pilgrims).

All types of accommodation facilities are available like Lodges, Hotels, Govt Rest House. Foods served by local hotels, Dhabas (roadside eateries for the travelers) are of good quality.
Bhakta Niwas (Mahur) : 02460-268651
Ekvira Dham (Mahur) : 02460-268680

Chinthamani Ganapathi and Unkeshwar Temples are the nearest famous temples from Mahur Temple.

It is the best choice to go to Mahur by Bus.
There are Maharashtra state transport buses that go from Nagpur, Amrawati, Akola, Nanded, Kinwat, Yavatmal and Pusad to Mahur.
If by train, Kinwat Railway Station is 51.5 km, Nanded Railway Station is 127 km and Yavatmal Railway Station is 79 km from the Mahur.
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