Temple History

The Nagoba Temple which houses the serpent God Nagoba also known as Shesh Nag the divine serpent of Lord Shiva renders the place a unique perspective. Nagoba temple is found in the Keslapur village of Indervelly mandal of Adilabad district in Telanga region.
The Nagoba Jatara starts in pushya masam in every year according to the English months December to January. The Jatara which is an annual celebration by the Mesaram clan of the Gond tribes is a ten day event. It is a huge event which receives participation from the Gond tribes of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh belonging to the Mesaram clan offer prayers at the festival Nagoba. 15 days before gond people bring Godavari river water to jatara to worship the god.
Part of this ritual includes introducing newly married women to the clan by paying tribute to Nagoba, the serpent God. Women who have been married earlier but for some reason have not been able to participate in this ritual are also included. The women along with their mother-in-law touch the feet of the priests and carry a new earthenware pot to fetch water from Hastina madugu of river Godavari in Jannaram mandal near to Nagoba temple. The water is then used to make an anthill which is subsequently worshipped as a sacred object. The women then congregate at the ‘Govad’ an enclosure close to the temple and prepare Naivedyam or offering to the Lord on 22 makeshift ovens corresponding to the 22 of the Mesaram clan. The Naivedyam or the offering to the Lord comprises nine different types of food grains. The women cover their faces with their own saris and reveal their faces to Nagoba on entering his shrine. This indicates that the Lord is the first person they behold when they enter the clan on the new moon day. This is considered to be extremely auspicious for the new entrants. In the night, Gonds perform Mahapuja of Serpent God Nagoda (also called as Parsa Pen or Great God). The Mahapuja marks the start of the Nagoba Tribal Jatara.
The Nagoba Jatara has a historic background. During the Nizam’s regime a Nagoba ‘darbar’ was launched, paving the way for finding solutions to problems facing girijans. The district collector continues the tradition of holding the darbar, which becomes a forum for redressing grievance of the participants by officials.

After the formation of Telangana State the event is being organised as a State festival, with active participation of ministers in the darbar.
Telangana Government arranges all the facilities for the pilgrims during the Nagoba Jatara.


Additional Information

Keslapur Nagoba Jathra is the major tribal festival celebrated by the Gonds tribe of India. The Gusadi Dance performance by dancers from the Gond tribe is a major special attraction of the event.
Devotees can stay in Adilabad which have good hotels and lodges. The Nagobo Jatara is a unique event and should not be missed while on a trip to Adilabad.

This temple is located between Adilabad City (32 Km) and Utnoor (26.5 Km) Road.
TSRTC Buses are running from Adilabad to all major cities like Warangal, Karimnagar, Mancherial and Hyderabad. Private vehicles are also available from Adilabad and Utnoor. Adilabad is the nearest railway station to reach by train.
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