Shri Parshvanath

Temple History

Pisanhari Ki Madiya is a famous Jain pilgrimage located near the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur. It is known since last 500 years for its extra ordinary story of a dedicated and God loving women who built it.
Pisanhari Ki Madiya is believed to be built by a lady whose name is lost in history. Once she heard the preaching of a Jain monk and was inspired to built a Jain temple. But she was poor and grinding of wheat floor by hand driven grinder was the only source of income for her. But she didn't lose hope and worked harder to earn more. When she collected sufficient money she went on the hill top and began building the temple.
With the little help of the other villagers she completed the Jain temple. But she was left with no money to install gold pots on the top of pinnacle. Thus she decided to place her last assets the two stones of her floor grinder on the top of pinnacle.
The stones places by the women are still present on the temple thus symbolizing her dedication. To pay a tribute to her this place is named “Pisanhari ki Marhiyaa”, meaning the temple of the -Pisanhari (the woman preparing wheat floor on hand operated stone-mill).


Additional Information

The Pisanhari Ki Madiya is full of lush greenery and eye catching beautiful hilly area. The surrounding is perfect for meditation and other rituals. It is a very popular Digambar Jain pilgrimage.

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