Lord Ganesha

Temple History

This Temple is of historical importance as its dates back to the time of Maharaja Vikrmaditya. Sehore was commonly known as Siddhpur in the kingdom of Vikramaditya. Chintaman Ganesh Temple is situated in the west-north of Sehore.
It is said that the statue in this temple was established by Vikramaditya upon inspiration from Lord Ganesha. The legend states - About 2000 years ago, The king of Ujjayani (Avantika) used to worship the lord Chintaman Ganesh in the fort of Ranthambore every Wednesday.One day the lord Ganesh appeared in a king's dream and said, "I will appear in the form of Lotus flower on Shiva-Parvati confluence in Sevan river which is 10 to 15 Km in the west from the temple. Collect that flower and bring it with you" As instructed the king collected the flower and left for Ujjayni. On the way he heard the divine voice, "Oh king you have only one night to take me anywhere you want. As the sun will rise then i'll turn into an idol and stay right there"
On the way the wheel of chariot got stuck in the muddy road and couldn’t be pulled out in spite of massive efforts. As soon as there was sun rise the flower turned in to Lord Ganesha’s idol which was also half buried in to the ground. Efforts were made to pull out the statue but all efforts went in vein. The King finally decided to leave the idol there thinking this was Lord Ganesha’s wish and decided to build a temple at the same site.
At present the eyes of idol are made up of silver but the locals claim they were made of diamond and some 150 years ago they were stolen. For 21 days milk continuously flowed from the idol’s eye spot and finally Lord Ganesha appeared in the priest’s dream and instructed him to place eyes made of silver. The priest followed the instructions and placed new eyes made of silver. A huge bhandara was organized on this occasion and since then every year bhandara is organized to commemorate this event. A huge temple fair is also organized in which locals and people from nearby cities participate.
Every month on Ganesh Chaturthi tithi, bhandara is organized to thank Lord Ganesha who saved this village from plague some 60 years ago.

People make wish here by making reverse Swastika and once the wish is fulfilled they come and make correct Swastika.

On the occasion of Lord Ganesh's birthday, a 10 day fair is organized every year and thousands of people visit the temple to seek divine blessings.


Additional Information

In India there are four naturally originated Swayambhu (self-manifested) Chintaman Ganesh Temple .

Ranthambore (Sawai Madhopur-Rajasthan)
Siddhpur (Sehore-Madhya Pradesh)
Awantika (Ujjain-Madhya Pradesh)
Theur, (Theur Near Pune- Maharastra

Raja Bhoj International Airport , Bhopal 41 KM, Sehore Railway station 3 KM, Sehore Bus Stand 3.6 KM. Since limited trains halt at Sehore one can get down at Bhopal Junction (46 KM) and come to Sehore by bus or other trains.
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