Goddess Sita

Temple History

The cylindrical stone shrine sits atop the hill, near another local goddess temple, and adjacent to the Valmiki Asrama. The tirtha name, ‘Sita Rasoi’, is written on a rock outcropping, with a white arrow pointing towards the kitchen.

The Sita Rasoi at Chitrakoot is situated about 100 feet from the Hanuman Dhara. Her kitchen tirtha is also known as Pramadgni Asrama. Shaded by several trees, the place where Sita is said to have cooked kandmools (root vegetables) is very beautiful and peaceful.


Additional Information

This place is situated on top of Hanuman Dhara hill. You need to climb almost 750 steps.

From Allahabad Airport Sita Rasoi is 112 KM, from Chitrakoot Dham Karwi Station it is 10.3 KM and from Bus Stand Karwi it is 9.7 KM. Taxi and Auto are convenient to
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