Babosa Maharaj

Temple History

Babosa Maharaj is truly regarded as "Kali-Yuga Avtari". In this Kali Yuga, our philosophical knowledge has reduced drastically and we believe in only those things that are in front of our eyes. In accordance with this, Babosa Maharaj gives darshan to us devotees in front of our naked eyes. His devotees too see him in different forms. Some worship him in the form of Lord Shree Krishna, some see him in the form of Lord Shree Vishnu, some see him in the form of Bajrang Bali or Lord Hanuman ji. Devotees generally worship him in this form only, that is Hanuman form.

Many people speak of the innumerable chamatkars that have been orchestrated by this great God power. Devotees who worship him with immense faith have felt his divine grace in times of hardships. Babosa grants all the boons who worship him. Devotees miraculously find ready and immediate response to their prayer.

Babosa Maharaj was born in Chrur village of Rajasthan state of India under Kothari clan. His father's name was Ghevar-chand Kothari and His mother's name was Chagni-devi Kothari. Mother Chagni-devi was a great devotee of Lord Shri Hanuman ji. One day, inspired by His devotees praying, veer Bajrang Bali presented himself in front of Chagni-devi and asked her for a wish. Chagni-devi asked for a bright and intelligent son like Him.

After 9 months of this incident, Chagni-devi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, who was named Panna. Panna was great devotee of Lord Hanuman, and in his childhood only he started showing great leela's. People started recognizing Panna's power and he became quite famous in that region. In about age of 18, Panna left prithvi lok and went to swarga-loka (heaven).

At swarga-loka too, Panna was engaged in the devotion of Lord Shri Hanuman ji only. On the day of mingsar shukla panchami, Hanuman ji gave his powers and boons to Panna. Hanuman ji did rajtilak (coronation) of Panna and said that people will know him by his name also. From that day, Panna started to be known as Babosa Maharaj or Balaji Babosa Maharaj.

Babosa Maharaj was born on "magh shukla panchami" or "basant panchami", retired for Swarg-lok on "Bhadrav Shukla Panchami" and His coronation was performed by Hanuman ji on "Mingsar shukla panchami".

The prime focus of Babosa Darbar is - when Babosa Maharaj miraculously enters the body of Guru Maa Shree Manju Baisa during Kirtan. Devotees can then see Lord Shree Balaji Babosa Maharaj in 'Bala roop' (Hanuman face). They pay their homage directly to Babosa Maharaj who is in front of them. One feels that no one else but Lord Hanuman ji himself has come down to earth in order to bless his devotees. Devotees wait for hours to take a look at this miraculous sight. Due to her profound devotion, the powers of Babosa Maharaj are available only to Shri Manju Baisa.

There are many events that are celebrated every year for Babosa Maharaj. The grandest of them is the yearly 'Mingsar Utsav' or 'Mingsar Mela' which is celebrated at Babosa Maharaj's Churu Temple. It is celebrated on the day of 'mingsar shukla panchami' according to Hindu calendar, which occurs generally in November-December month. This is a special day as on this day, Babosa Maharaj was crowned as God-Power by Hanuman ji at Swarg-Loka (Heaven). To attend this celebration, thousands of devotees from different parts of world collect here. In the afternoon, a grand procession is carried out along the Churu city, and in the evening, a grand kirtan is organized which continues whole night. Devotees full with profound devotion chant and sing kirtans of Babosa Maharaj. They believe that all their wishes are granted at this kirtan. Many devotees also offer 'chappan bhog' and 'sawa mani' on the lost feet of Babosa Maharaj.

Other popular event for Babosa Maharaj is the yearly 'janmotsav' celbration. This is celebrated on 'Magh Shukla Panchami' or 'Basant Panchami' according to Hindu calendar, which occurs generally on January-February months. Babosa Maharaj is believed to have taken birth in Churu city on this auspicious day. This event is celebrated at the City of Kolkata every year. A Grand kirtan is organized in the presence of Shree Manju Baisa. Just like Mingsar Mela, Babosa Maharaj blesses thousands of devotees with His divine grace.

Apart from these main events, the fifth day of lunar-fortnight or waxing-moon (shukla paksh ki panchami) is celebrated as Babosa Maharaj's day. Devotees all over world organize 'Kirtan' and 'Bhandara' on this auspicious day. some also keep fast on this day. Some devotees keep fast on every Tuesday as a mark of devotion to Babosa Maharaj.


Additional Information

According to on-going practice and popular belief, by tying a 'nariyal' in Babosa temple at Churu Dham, one's wishes are granted and they become true. By the power of Lord Shree Babosa Maharaj, incurable diseases vanishes away, problems due to ghosts and tantra-mantra are resolved. Monetary, physical, mental, every type of problems are eased.

The take-away from this temple is pure aarti water (pavan jal), aarti ash (bhabhuti), and a sacred thread as protection cover (tanti). Devotees claim that they have experienced miracles by using these three things.

From Jaipur International Airport Churu Dham is 215 KM ,from Churu Junction 1.1 KM and from Churu Bus Station 1.2 KM. Local taxi and three wheeler autos are easily available from railway station and bus stand
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