Lord Shiva

Temple History

Bhimeswara Temple is located in the holy village named Vemulawada situated in Siricilla district of the state of Telangana, in South India. Its a five minutes walk from Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Devasthanam. It is perfectly situated on the banks of Rivulet named Mulavagu. It is just 11.7 km from Siricilla City.. It is to be highly remembered that Vemulawada was a significant capital city of Vemulawada Chalukyas dynasty during the period of A.D 750-973. This temple and its statues indicate the great architectural skills and talents of Chalukyas. It is one of the oldest temples that is perfectly located in Vemulawada.
Bhimeswara Temple was built in a successful manner by Chalukya king Bhaddega (A.D 850-895). It is to be highly noted that the parapet wall of the shrine was built with black stone. It indicates the greatness the wonderful sculpture of those periods in Vemulawada. The ceiling and flooring of this temple needs a special mention for its marvelous architectural aspects. It is a walled temple with separate entrance and exist gateways. The sub-temples are systematically arranged in equal distance from the main temple. The Rajagopuram of this temple is moderate in height. The towers of this temple have images of minor Hindu Gods and Goddess. The complex is filled with different types of building structures that can be easily classified as belong to the ancient, medieval and modern period. The building belonging to the ancient and medieval periods are slightly damaged manner that has been restored by the concerned authorities. Even, the modern buildings are built as per the South Indian Hindu temple architectural styles and pattern with a lot of perfection. The temple premise is much spacious for conducting all types of religious activities and functions in a grand manner.
Bhimeswara Temple is known for its strict following of Vedic rules and regulations with a lot of perfection. This temple belongs to 9th century A.D which was constructed under the direct influence of Shaiva religion. The pujas and rituals are performed in time in a religious manner. The priests of this shrine are having vast experience and high qualification in perfectly performing the various kinds of religious functions and activities. The local people visit this temple daily and on certain auspicious days and festive days. At this temple, various types of pujas, rituals, yagna and homams are conducted as per the request of the adherent devotees. This is the most visited temple of this region.
The annual temple festival is conducted in a grand manner with the active participation of local devotees and adherent devotees of the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh plus rest of India. It is to be highly noted that most of the major and minor Hindu festivals, auspicious days and Ekadashi days are celebrated in a religious manner. Poojas and rituals are conducted as per Vedic rules and regulations. In Vemulawada, this is the particular shrine where most visitors arrive frequently with total dedication and commitment. At this shrine, prasadam offered are Pulihara, curd rice, sundal, laddu, poha and jaggary mix. Ganapathi homam is conducted on request by the devotees on auspicious days and festive days. At this particular temple, special pujas are performed for seeking the blessing for good health and wealth in personal and professional life.


Additional Information

Telangana endowment department is maintaining the Rooms for the devotees visiting Vemulawada temples at an affordable price. Many private hotels and lodges are available for the accommodation of the pilgrims.

This temple is 11.7Km from Siricilla District Head quarters. 34.4Km from Karimnagar City, 47.2 from Siddipet, and 67.2Km from Kamareddy. Can reach from Hyderabad via Siddipet.
Hyderabad International Airport is the nearest airport to reach here by air at 196 km distance.
  • Morning 6:00 AM To 12:30 AM & Evening 4:00 PM To 8:00 PM
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: 08723 – 236018, 08723 – 236043, 236040