Goddess Sammakka & Saralamma

Temple History

Sammakka Sarakka Jathara or Medaram Jathara is the largest tribal religious congregation in the country. The biannual Jathara takes place at Medaram village of Tadvai Mandal in Jayashankar district, in Telangana State. This temple is located is 96 kilometers far away from Warangal Railway Station and also 231 kilometers far situated from state capital Hyderabad. This place has the world largest tribal gathering during Samakka Sarlamma Jatra. A grand Samakka Jatra is organized here every second year. The population of the little forest village at Medaram in normal times never exceeds 300. Suddenly, during the month of February it rises to crores. Devotees come from all over Telangana and neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odessa, Maharastra, Karnataka and Jharkand participate at the Jathara. This festival is held to get the blessings of goddesses Sammakka and Sarakka. It's believed that in those 3 to 4 days of the Jathara, goddesses’ real presence is felt. The Sammakka Jathara was declared as a state festival by Telangana Government.
Devotees offer bangaram (gold) in the form of jaggery of a quantity equal to their weight to the goddesses and take holy bath in Jampanna Vagu (stream). It is a festival with no Vedic or Brahmanic influence.

The actual festival begins in the month of Magha, on Sudha Pournami (full moon day) evening when Sarakka (in the form of vermilion) would be traditionally brought from Kanneboyinapalle, a neibhouring village in the forest, and placed on a gadde, an earthen platform raised under a tree. By next sunset, the main goddess Sammakka (in the form of vermilion) will be brought from Chilukalagutta. There are two gaddes (platforms) separately one for goddess "Sammakka" and other for goddess "Sarakka". They are represented by bamboo sticks smeared with turmeric and vermilion (Pasupu and Kunkuma). Since time immemorial, there is a huge tree standing on Sammakka gadde.

Hundreds of people who are often believed to be possessed by the goddess come here dancing ecstatically throughout their journey. People believe that Goddesses Sammakka, Saralamma fulfill their desires with their divine and miraculous powers.
This temple was told constructed during 12th century in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh state of India. Actually this temple is in the memory of real people. No mythical background is related with the construction of this temple as the main deity(s) of this temple are two brave women who fought for the betterment of their community and gave their martyrdom. In the Medaram village of Warangal district, Kakatiya dynasty ruled during 12th century. The real story behind the construction of this temple is that once a tribal community Koya was returning from a usual trip. While returning they saw a little girl who was fearlessly playing with the tigress. Head of the troop saw the girl and inspired by her bravery. He adopted her as daughter and named her as Samakka. Later she married to a headman of neighboring tribal group. After some days a girl born to her and named Sarakka. Her mother Samakka protested Kakatiya kings who were forcing the tribs to pay taxes in spite of a dangerous drought in the area. They revolted King Prathaparudra and in turn king’s forces attacked the tribes and killed a number of tribal people. Both women fought bravely against the injustice and killings of their community members and in this process got injured badly. They said to the Koya community members that until they remember them they will protect them from Kakatiya kings’ injustice. They also cursed Kakatiya kings; to disappear in nearby forest in coming future. After a short interval, Muslim invaders uprooted Kakatiya dynasty. Since then, in the sweet and brave memory of two women, Koya community constructed a temple. In this temple, main deities are these two women (Mother and daughter). Their honesty, loyalty and faith towards justice inspired a lot of persons since the construction of this temple. In the community, various myths are also popular regarding construction of this temple but the fact is what stated above. Both the Girijan women showed the world that how to scarify and how to fight against injustice at every cost even at the cost of life too.

Jampanna Vagu is a tributary to River Godavari. According to the history, Jampanna is the tribal warrior and the son of Tribal Goddess Sammakka. The Jampanna vagu took his name as he died in a battle fighting against Kakatiyan Army in that stream. The Jampanna vagu is still red in colour believed to be with the blood of Jampanna. Devotees believe that taking a holy dip in the red water of Jampanna Vagu reminds of the sacrifice of their gods who save them and also induces courage into their souls.


Additional Information

Telangana Government arranges vehicles during the jathara from all the major cities of nearby states.
Telangana Tourism Presents Heli Ride to Medaram Jathara to take off soon is a never to be missed opportunity where you get a rare chance to explore the wonders of Medaram Jaathara.

Medaram is well connected with the roads. Neighboring cities have access points to enter this village through various road transport means. Medaram village is also accessible by rail. Warangal railway station is the nearest railway station which is 97 kilometers from the temple. Tsrtc buses and private vehicles are available from the station. Hyderabad International Airport is the nearest airport and is 269 km.
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