Lord Krishna

Temple History

Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple is located at Hamsala Deevi is a Village in Koduru Mandal in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh State, India. It is also known as "Swan Island". Krishna River meets Bay of Bengal outside Hamsaladeevi village.
According to some ancient tale, Hamsaladeevi Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple was built in a single day by Devatas (Gods and Goddesses).

According to an ancient story, Two Gandharvas made fun of a sage who was in black colour. Angered sage cursed them to become as crows. After Gandharvas beg for a solution, Sage asked them to take a holy dip at a place where Krishna Rivers merges into the sea.

As recommended by the sage, both Gandharvas took a holy dip and got their actual form as Hamsa (Swan). From then onwards, the place got its name as Hamsaladeevi.
The Venugopalaswami temple of Hamsala Deevi where an eight day long sacred ceremony is performed, attracts the attention of all those who step into this scenic landscape of Andhra Pradesh state. Being presided by the deity Venugopalaswami, the temple is believed to have been built in the ruling times of Chola dynasty which was involved with many such similar religious architectural achievements.
Devotees in huge numbers visit the temple of Venugopalaswami in Hamsala Deevi during a special festival. The eight days from Magha suddha navami to bahula padyami are considered auspicious in Hamsala Deevi when a special ceremony is followed in the Venugopalaswami temple. Apart from devotees common tourists also come to the temple during these eight days to experience the festive bliss of the shrine.
Venugopalaswamy temple at Hamsaladeevi village - one of the 108 Vishnu Temples. There is a building erected near the point and if one climbs it for a bird's-eye view, one can clearly see the river dumping water(of a slightly different color) and soil into the sea (which looks very blue in the afternoon sun). The confluence (along with the swans on the beach) is a visual treat for anybody who loves nature and it offers a deep spiritual experience for the religiously inclined.


Additional Information

Devotees can stay at Machilipatnam, Vijayawada, Avanigadda which have best hotels and lodges. Private and APSRTC vehicles are available from these cities.
People celebrate 'Magha Pournami' (February) as a holy day. That day 'Anna daanam' (food-donation) is done for who ever comes to visit this place.

Machilipatnam, Avanigadda (21.2 km) and Vijayawada (87.8 km) are the nearest cities. APSRTC is runs regular buses from these cities. Machilipatnam (34.1 km) and Vijayawada (88.5 km) are the nearest railway stations which are well connected with all major cities.
Gannavaram(Vijayawada)(85.2 km), Andhra Pradesh is the nearest airport. From Gannavaram one can choose to travel by Bus or by hiring a private taxi to reach this temple.
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