Lord Veer Hanumanji

Temple History

Pedalwada Hanuman temple popular and famous historical pilgrimage centre located in the village named Pedalwada. It's a small village in the district of Adilabad, Telangana State which is just 22 km from the Adilabad City. This temple is situated beside the Penganga river.
The primary deity of this particular shrine is Lord Hanuman. Hanuman idol is popularly known among the local people as Veer Hanuman.
The Pendalvada Hanuman Temple is particularly famous owing to the interesting legend associated with it. It is said that that the Hanuman temple was originally located in Saidpur Sanghi, 8 km away from Pendalvada. However, a huge flood that occurred around 200 years back washed the temple away from Saidpur and onto the shores of Pendalvada. The people of Pendalvada, considering it to be the divine wish to be with them, expressed their reverence and respects by establishing him in the village temple. Since then the Hanuman Temple in Pendalvada has acquired great focus for visitors and locals of the village.
As per the religious experts, this temple is regarded as wish fulfilling shrine. All those who pray to this particular Lord with devotion and dedication, their wishes are fulfilled immediately in their personal and professional life with a lot of perfection. Most of the people visit this shrine again for the vote of thanksgiving along with their family members, relatives and friends.


Additional Information

Adilabad is the nearest city to stay which is 22 km from this temple. Hotels and lodges are available for the accommodation.
Hanuman Jayanthi is the main festival of Pedalwada Hanuman temple. This festive day is marked with special pooja programs and homams. A good number of local people and adherent devotees of Lord Hanuman visit this shrine on all auspicious and festive days with lot of commitment and devotion. Most of the Hindu festivals related to Lord Rama are religiously celebrated at this particular shrine.
Jainath Sri Narayana Swamy temple is another famous temple near this temple which is just 14 km.

TSRTC runs buses to Adilabad from the major cities of Telangana. From Adilabad (22.7 km), buses and private vehicles are available to reach Pendalwada Temple. Adilabad is the nearest railway station (22 Km) to reach by train.
Nagpur Airport is 193 km and Hyderabad International Airport is 381 km from the temple.
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