Lord Laxminarasimha Swamy

Temple History

The Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple Mattapalli is one of the most spectacular examples of ancient Telangana temples. It houses Yoga Narasimha Swamy, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as its presiding deity. The deity wears a silver body armor or Kavacham and has a moustache. As Vishnu is shown here as Narasimha the half man half animal incarnation, the face of the deity is that of a fierce Lion. It is believed that the temple history is dated back to 13th century.

It is located in Mattapalli or Mattapally village in the Suryapet district and is 26 km from the Huzurnagar. It is regarded as one of the Pancha Narasimha Kshetras. The temple houses the triple deities of Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swami, Sri Rajyalakshmi Thaayar and Sri Chenchu Lakshmi Thaayar.

Several Telangana temples dedicated to Lord Narasimha Swamy are housed within caves. Similarly the Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple is also located within a cave. The west facing Sanctum Sanctorum is accessed by a narrow passageway. The main hall housing the deity known as the mukha mantapam is huge measuring 24 feet x 45 feet. The hall comprises 21 pillars holding up a cement roof. A similar hall, though smaller is also present above the north door comprising 5 pillars.

The temple houses some of the finest specimens of rock sculpture. One such beautiful piece of art is found crowning the main door of the sanctum sanctorum displaying the motif of Gaja Lakshmi. It shows two elephants with their trunks raised up facing each other. Another one is found above the Garba Griha shows Lord Narasimha seated in the yogic posture of Padmasana. He is shown holding the Chakra in his upper right hand and Sankha in his upper left hand. His lower left hand is shown resting on his left knee. His lower right hand however is not visible. Yet another rock structure resembles the Divine serpent of Sesha. It appears as if the Serpent is spreading its hood over the Lord’s rock sculpture. This sculpture is about 1 foot in height.
The stone image of Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, is placed to the left of the rock sculpture. The Goddess is shown in a sitting posture on a lotus with Makuta the crown on her head and her upper hands holding lotus. Her lower hands are shown in the Abhaya and the Suchi posture. Beneath this is another image of Rajya Lakshmi that is installed in order to enable devotees offer their prayers to the goddess as the original idol of Goddess Lakhshmi is not made available to them.

A peculiarity of the Yoga Narsimha Swamy temple which distinguishes it from the other Telangana temples is the absence of a pradakshinapath around the Sanctum sanctorum. Therefore in order to complete this ritual devotees circle the sacred pillars or the Dhwajasthambha. Alternatively, they can also circle around the stone image of Hanuman which faces the main deity.

The Yoga Narasimha Swamy is located on the banks of the River Krishna. The temple premises provide steps which lead devotees to the River Krishna. The temple also houses the Ramanuja Kutam or the kitchen where the Naivedya is prepared.

The Narasaimha Swamy Temple is another beautiful structure of the Telangana temple architecture. It bears rock sculptures of gods and goddesses which are revered and worshipped by many ardent devotees. The temple premises receive huge crowds in the months of January and May during the time of Vykunta Ekadasi and Kalyana Mahotsva. Both these festivals are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety.


Additional Information

Hotels are available for devotees visiting this temple at Mattapalli. Hotels and lodges are available at Huzurnagar for the devotees accommodation.
Brahman Sathrams and Arya Vysya Sathrams are also available near the temple.
Another important feature of this temple is the possession of a rare type of conch called Dakshina Vriththa Sankha. It is said that if one keeps it near his ear, a booming sound of the sacred Pranava also called Taaram, echoes out of it. This type of conch is present only at the Kasi temple and nowhere else.

There is a belief that incurable diseases will be cured and the evil spirits will be driven out and all desires will be fulfilled by the Lord if one stays in Mattapalli for 11 days and 11 nights and performs 32 pradakshinams thrice a day with wet clothes having bathed in the Krishna river each time.

Miryalaguda(63 km) and Huzurnagar(26.1 km) are the nearest cities to Mattapalli temple. TSRTC runs buses from Nalgonda(107 km), Suryapet(83 km), Kodad(45.4 km), Miryalguda to Huzurnagar and Mattapalli. Private vehicles are also available from Huzurnagar.
Nadikudi Junction and Miryalguda are the nearest Railway stations to reach this temple.
Gannavaram Airport(154 km) and Hyderabad International Airport(231 km) are the nearest airports.
  • Morning 5:00 AM To 12:30 AM & 3:30 PM To 7:30 PM
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: 090102 06748