Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy

Temple History

Vadapalli Lakshmi Narasimhar temple is situated in Nalgonda district near the town of Miryalaguda, at the confluence of the River Krishna and Musi River. These two rivers very unusually come together in the shape of an "L". This is one of the Panchanarasimhar kshetram (Vedadri, Vadapalli, Mattapalli, Mangalagiri, Ketavaram).

History of Temple:
According to the Puranas, Vyasa Bhagavan knowing the piousness of the place meditated for a long time for the manifestation of Sri Narasimha Swamy. Commiserating at the continued penance of Vysa Bhagavan Lord Maha Vishnu again transfigured as Narasimha Swamy and appeared to the former, with ferocious looks of a lion. Vyasa Bhagavan experienced that Lord Narasimha, who was taking breath with uncontrolled anger, had come to him just after killing Hiranyakasipu. He, therefore, entreated Sri Narasimha Swamy to manifest at Vadapalli in that form only.

Accordingly, Sri Narasimha Swamy manifested there to bless the devotees and to alleviate their difficulties. It is believed that even now that idol breathes in and let it out. The temple authorities have arranged two lamps. One of the lights of the lamp used for showing the face of the Lord will be quivering to testify the fact that the Lord is taking breath and letting it out. The light of the other lamp, which is kept below remain resolutely.
Regular poojas and abhishekhams, special poojas are performed on festivals. Huge crowd visit this temple during Krishna Pushkaralu.

Mattapalli Narasimha Swamy Temple is another famous temple which is 37 km from here.


Additional Information

Vadapalli village provides sufficient accommodation options for guests. A Guest house is provided within the temple premises which provide tourists with basic yet comfortable accommodation.
Moderate accommodation facilities are available in Miryalaguda City and also better facilities are available in Nalgonda City for the visiting devotees.

This temple is located near Miryaladua-Vadapalle Highway. TSRTC runs buses from Miryalaguda city(25.7 km) which is connected to all the major cities. Vadapalli temple is just 1.4 km from the Highway Road.

By train, Vishnupuram Station(4.7 km), Miryalaguda Railway Station(29.0km) and Nadikudi Junction(16.7 km) are the nearest railway stations to reach this temple. Buses and private transport is available from these stations.

Hyderabad International Airport(183 km) and Vijayawada Airport(163 km) are the nearest Airports to reach the temple.
  • Morning 6:30 AM To 11:30 AM & Evening 5:00 PM To 7:00 PM
  • Contact Person: State Tourism Office
  • Contact Number: 040-23450444