Sri Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy

Temple History

Brahmamgarimattam is a famous piligrimage center and a mandal in Kadapa district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is the place of Sree Veera-Brahmendra Swamy Jeevasamdhi and Sree Eshwaramma Devi Jeeva samadhi's are located. He was tha author of "KALAGNANA", a collection of predictions about future. Srimadvirat Ptuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Matham is located in Kandimallayapalli in Kadapa district. He was born in tn the year 1610 A.D. After His JeevaSamadhi in 1693 on Vaisakha Suddha Dashami, His trustees and devotees built this temple.Now this Matham was run by His family members. Veera Brahmendra Swamy wrote KALAGNANAM, a book of prophesies which predicted the arrival of Kalki in the form of Sri Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayulu. Banaganepalli is the place near Ravvalakonda where he wrote Kalagnanam.

He born in 1608(A.D) to the above said parents “Paripurnacharyulu and Prakrutambha” in a forest on the way to home village from Varanasi. After he born to his parents were died left him in the forest, then as per instructions of “Sri Maha Vishnu” (Child), sage of that area came and took the child and then going to his Ashram. Then the above step parents “Veera Bhojacharyulu and Veera Papamambha” came to the Ashram they were not having children from a long time. As per sage instructions they took that child as their kid. Sage given a nice name to the New born child as “Veerappaiah” and he send off to them along with that kid.

From that day, our story god as a kid growing with new parents happily. But by the age of 10 years, his step father died, leaving his step mother and him. From childhood he is very active and learning once he see or hear (Eka Santagrahi in Telugu) any Veda or Upanishad. After his step father died, he wants to go to find the way of knowledge, which is useful for normal people.

His step mother not allowed him to go to out of house, and then he shows the truth of Human Birth and how organs developed during pregnancy to her as a truth of life. Then she got realized and sends off him on his way. He promised that he will appear to her whenever she wants to see him again. Mantropadesham given to his mother and continued his spiritual journey from Pappagni Mutt, Chikballapur and arrived at Banganapalle, stayed in Garimireddy Achhamma house. Garimireddy Venkatareddy and Achhamma Couple are natives of Bhanumukkala Village, Banganapalle. Swamy, identified himself as Veerappaiah to Garimireddy Couple. There his work is to look out the Cows of that family to take to open fields for grass.

Daily he is going to a long distanced place and deep forest to feed cows and there one round with his stick is drawn and cows lies in that circle only not even one outside with discipline , any carnivorous animal cannot enter into that drawn circle, but remaining cowboys told this to Achhamma garu. One day she observed the same along with he is hiding the leafy scripts of Legendry “KalaGnanam” and both couple noticed that he is not a ordinary man none other than God. After this is known to whole village, he wants to leave that place, but Achhamma garu asked one boon to him, that their son is blind from childhood, she asked to help her son. Then Veerappaiah told that this is a sin from his before life that, as a man in his earlier life, he taken off his wife eyes without any reason except ego. He once said “Harihi Aum” and touched the eyes of blind child, then that child got eyes as normal. Then everybody knew that he is the form of God as a Human. Next he buried one pot under a tree there in the Achhamma gari house, which consists of “KalaGnanam” scripts. Later he left to Kandimallayapalli.

Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami left Banaganapalle and reached Kandimallayapalle in Kadapa (Cuddapah) District. He worked as a sculptor, carpenter and blocksmith for his livelihood and married a pious woman Govindamma, the daughter of Kotayyacharyulu of Peddakomarla.

During his stay at Kandimallyapalle, he selected Siddyya, a muslim, and Kakkayya, a harijan, as his main disciples an imparted spiritual knowledge to one all, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion and region. Besides, he also taught the scriptures to the Muslin rulers of that period (Nawabs) and persuaded them to respect all the other religions.
He lived in Kandimallayapalli till his Jeeva Samadhi (Living Gods will take this way to buried in a room under earth at last. There in Kandimallayapalli he got one Viswa Brahmin Family who he is the same caste. He married to their daughter named “Eeshwari”, later called as “Eeshwaramma” and having 4 sons and 1 daughter. He showed many events and incidents which proven him as a God. And he helped the people with his Legendry Script Called as “KalaGnanam”.

Sree Heramba Ganapathi Temple on South East corner, Manu brahma (Shiva) temple with Adisakthi (Parvathi) is at the East, Maya brahma (Vishnumurthi) with Parasakthi (Lakshmi) is at South, Twasthabrahma (Chaturmukha Brahma) with Itcha Sakthi (Saraswathi) is at West, Shilpi brahma (Indra) with Kriyasakthi (Sachidevi) is at North, ViswagnaBrahma (Surya) with Gnanasakthi (Sanja Devi) is at Northeast, Vishwakarma (vedaPitha) with Gayathri Deva (Vedamatha) is at the centre, Venugopala swamy temple at the Southwest, Sri Sanari vishewswara swamy at the northwest and 125 Gothra rishi idols are installed in the temple premises.

Aradhana utsavas are celebrated grandly every year. Six days starting from Vaishaka Shuddha Dashami these Utsavas are performed.


Additional Information

Sri Eshwari Devi Matham, Poleramma temple, Navaratna Mandapam, Sri Kakkayya Matham, Anjaneya Swamy temple are the nearest temples to visit at kandimallayapalli. Sri Siddayya Swamy Matham : Sri Siddayya Swamy was the beloved disciple of Veera Brahmendra Swamy.His Jeevasamadhi was located at a distance of 17.5km from Kandimallayapalli. By means of auto we can reach this place.

Devotees accommodation purpose AP State tourism and TTD have built some guest rooms. Apart from these there are Reddy, Vysya, Brahmin, Vishwa Brahmin, Mala Satras. Bramhamgari Sadan and Govindamma sadan's are there for the accommodation. Every day the authorities of the temple are doing annadanam. The free meal tokens are issued after darshanam.

The nearest city to reach this temple is Kadapa 60 km. From Kadapa one can reach Kandimallayapalli via Mydukur city which is 24.4 km. By train Kadapa is the nearest railway station (59.8 km).
Tirupati Renigunta Airport is 185 km from the temple.
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