Lord Murugan

Temple History

Swamimalai Murugan Temple is a Hindu temple located in Swamimalai, 8 kms from Kumbakonam on the banks of a tributary of river Cauvery, 250 km from Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, India.

This temple is located on the main road connecting Kumbakonam and Thanjavur. The temple is one of the six holy shrines of Murugan called ‘Arupadai Veedu Temples’. The shrine of the presiding deity, Swaminathaswamy is located atop a 60 ft (18 m) hillock and the shrine of his mother Meenakshi (Parvathi) and father Shiva (Sundareswarar) is located downhill. Here, Murugan is known as "Balamurugan" and "Swaminathan Swami". Another name for this place is "Thiruveragam".

This is the place where the Lord Murugan in childhood taught the meaning of mantra "OM" to his father Lord Siva. It is Lord Muruga’s Fourth home.

History: The temple of Swaminatha is very ancient one and it is known to have existed even in the 2 nd century BC. It is said that Parantaka Chola I built the temple. The temple was damaged to a great extent and the Gopurams were demolished and razed to ground in the year 1740 when the Anglo-French War was waged later when war broke out between Hyder Ali and the British.Swamimalai is fourth among the six padai veedu or sacred shrines dedicated to Lord Muruga. The presiding deity here expounded the meaning of the Pranava mantra OM to his own Father Lord Siva Himself.

Mythology says that saint Bhrugu before commencing an arduous tavam or penance, got the boon that anybody disturbing his mediation will forget all his knowledge. Such was the power of the penance that the sacred fire emanating from the head of the saint reached up to the heavens, and the frightened devas surrendered to Lord Siva praying for his grace. The Lord extinguished the sacred fire by covering the saint's head by hand. With the saint's penance thus disturbed the Lord became oblivious of all his knowledge and is said to have regained them by learning the Pranava mantra from Lord Muruga at this shrine.

Once when Brahma, the lord of all creations was proceeding to Kailasa, the ever-playful child Lord Muruga asked him for the meaning of the Pranava OM. When Brahma admitted his ignorance, the Lord imprisoned him. With Brahma imprisoned, all creations came to a standstill and the devas prayed to Lord Siva to get Brahma released. When Muruga insisted that the imprisonment was a just punishment for the ignorance of Brahma, Lord Siva asked him whether he himself knew the meaning of the primordial Pranava OM. Lord Muruga said that he knew the meaning of OM and can expound it to the latter only if he can accept him as guru and listen to the exposition as a devoted disciple. As Lord Siva acceded to the request of Lord Muruga and heard the exposition of OM as a disciple, the place came to be known as Swamimalai and the presiding deity as Swaminathan.

The temple is built on an artificial hillock of about sixty feet height with sixty beautifully laid stone steps representing the Hindu cycle of sixty years - leading to the Lord . In the ground floor there are temples dedicated to Lord Sundareswarer and Goddesss Meenakshi.

Hymns in praise of the presiding deity have been sung by saint Nakkeerar in Tirumurukatrupadai and by Saint Arunagirnathar in Tiruppukazh.


Additional Information

Nityannadhanam is offered at the temple for the visiting devotees.

10 day Tirukarthikai festival in November-December is the important festival of the temple drawing crowd in lakhs.

Kumbakonam Bus Stand is 9.7 km and Thanjavur Old Bus Stand is 34.6 kms. Buses and private transport is available from the bus stands and railway stations.

Kumbakonam Railway Station is just 10 km from the temple. Thanjavur Junction is 35.6 kms.

Tiruchirappalli International Airport is the nearest airport which is 84.3 km.
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