Lord Vishnu

Temple History

Sree Poornathrayesa temple is situated in Tripunithura, Kochi, the capital of the former Kingdom of Cochin in Ernakulam Dirstict. This temple is the family temple of Cochin Royal Family.

The temple enshrines Santhanagopala Murthy or Santhana Gopala Moorthy as the presiding deity. Santhanagopalamoorthy which literally means “savior of infants” is an incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu. It is believed that childless couples are blessed with children on worshipping Sree Poornathrayeesan as the Lord is in the form of Lord Santhana Gopalakrishna.

Lord Vishnu is seen here in a sitting posture under the shade of five hoods of Ananthan. This is a unique pose unlike the other Vishnu temples where the Lord is usually found in a reclining posture on the divine serpent, Anantha. It is believed that this temple is installed by Arjuna. The deity is seated on Adi Sesha A peculiarity of this temple is that the panchaloha idol does not appear to touch the ground. The folded body of the serpent itself serves as the seat for the God. The two upper hands of Lord Vishnu hold Sanku (conch) and Sudarshana Chakram (holy wheel) and the lower right hand holds the Padmam (Lotus flower).

On the back side of Sreekovil, there is a small window from where devotees can get a close look at the idol of Santhana Gopala Moorthy of Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple. Devotees can also have a look at the idol of Lord Ganapathi on the extreme south side of the sanctum-sanctorum. It must be noted that, besides the idol of Lord Ganesha, no other Upadevatas are worshipped at Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple.

Poornathrayeesa is the combination of 3 words - ‘poorna’ means complete, ‘thraye’ means three, and ‘isa’ means Iswara which means the Lord of Knowledge, or the Lord of the Three Vedas – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda.

Anecdotes say that this beautiful idol of Sree Poornathrayeesa was presented to Arjuna by Lord Vishnu, while the former sought the help of the Supreme being to give rebirth to the ten children of a brahmin (believed to be a member of Puliyannur Illom, ancestral home of the chief priest of the temple). Arjuna along with the ten children and the holy idol returned in his chariot and handed over the children to the brahmin. Later a temple was built here in memory of this event and the sanctum-sanctorum (Sree Kovil) of this temple (presently known as Muthukulangara) is in the form of a chariot. Arjuna sent lord Vighnesha to search for a holy place for the installation of the idol of lord Vishnu. First they kept the idol in a palace, half a kilometer west to the main temple and now it is popularly known as ‘Poonithura Kottaram’.

Attracted by the holiness of the ancient Vedic Village, POORNAVEDAPURAM, (now Tripunithura), lord Vighnesha himself occupied the place. Angry Arjuna kicked him aside to the southern side of the sanctum and installed the idol in that holy place surrounded by mustard fields. He then plucked some mustard seeds and crushed them to get oil for lighting lamp in front of the idol. Devotees consider the evershining “Valia Vilakku” situated in front of the idol, as the oil lamp lighted by Arjuna. Burnt oil of this traditional lamp possesses great medicinal value. The deity, ever since has been living in the minds and hearts of devotees as Santhanagopala Moorthy, blessing the needy, infertile couples with children.


Additional Information

Best hotels and lodges are available in Ernakulam city. Buses and private transport is available from all parts of the city.

Moosari Uthsavam, Atha Chamayam, Onbathanthi Uthsavam, Vrischigothsavam, Sankara Narayana Vilakku, Para Uthsavam and Uthram Vilakku are the festivals celebrated here. The descendants of the royal dynasty can seen in the surroundings of the temple.

Ernakulam is well connected to the all major cities of Kerala and southern states. Thrippunithura bus terminal is just 650 mtrs from the temple.

Ernakulam railway junction is 8 kms from this temple. Thrippunithura railway station is 2.5 kms. Frequent buses ply from the town to this temple.

Cochin International Airport (32.3 kms) is the nearest airport.
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