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Temple History

Sri Bugga Rajeshwara Swamy Temple is situated in Bellampalli, Mancherial district of Telangana. This holy temple is usually knoow as the "Abode of Rajeshwara". This shrine is commonly known for its spiritual sanctity and architectural grandeur. The main deity of this temple is Lord Sri Buggaa Raja Rajeshwara Swami.

On architectural styles and patterns of Dravidan Hindu temple architecture, Sri Bugga Rajeshwara Swamy Temple is based perfectly. With local or regional architectural patterns and styles, it is certainly blended. Visitors and tourists really admire the architecture of Sri Rajeshwara Swamy Temple. This temple is one of the best religious building structure among the shrines that are wholeheartedly dedicated to Lord Sri Rajeshwara Swamy Temples in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The temple towers are filled with beautiful images of local Gods and Goddesses. The ceiling is in a simple form but the flooring is highly attractive with black granite slabs of huge size. It is a medium sized Hindu temple that has separate entrance and exist gateways with small towers. The primary idol is placed on a raised platform as per the Vasthu Sastra of the place and the village exclusively. The walls of this shrine are dotted with ways from the purana and religious tales. There are only few sub-temples in the complex that are arranged as per the Vedic rules and regulation. The temple has good courtyard that is really apt for conducting religious events, functions and activities. As per the local legends and religious scholars, the sub-temples are recent addition that took place a few decades before; there was only the main sanctum in the temple complex.

As per Pancharathra Agama, In Sri Bugga Rajeshwara Swamy Temple of kannala, most of the pujas and rituals are religiously performed. During the minor and major Hindu festivals, this tmmplle is marked with different types of rituals and pujas such as Chatukala puja, Nishikala puja, Pradosakala Puja, and Madhyahnika Puja. The major festivals of this temple are Mahasivarathri Kartheeka Masotsavam Jathra. All other hindu festivals also celebrated here.
A large number local people visit this shrine on festive occasions and events.


Additional Information

Best Hotels and lodges are available in Bellampalli city for the accommodation.

Bellampalli (5 km) is the nearest city which has a good access to all the major cities of telangana by road and rail. Bellampalli Busstand is 6.1 kms and the Bellampalli Railway Station is 8.9 km from the temple. Autos and private transport is available from the bus stand and railway stations.

Hyderabad International Airport (318 km) is the nearest airport.
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