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Temple History

Sri Nandishwara Theertha temple is located in Malleswaram 17th cross in the heart of Bangalore city. The architectural find is the Nandeeshwara Temple. This temple was discovered accidentally in the year 1997 during an underground excavation for the construction of a house. It is not clear when the temple got submerged under layers of soil, but it has stood a trying 7000 years (according to some versions) at the same spot. What is even more marvellous is the fact that, its aura has not diminished much, even after being buried for years. According to residents living nearby, the temple was buried in its entirety by layers and layers of ground, and the land above it was a straight and flat stretch.

The story is fascinating and goes as follows - in 1997, there were plans to sell away the plot on which the temple now stands. People in the neighbourhood objected to it on the grounds that the land should first be dug up to see if they could find anything deep under, before selling it.

After some hesitation from the person who wanted to sell it away, the digging work did begin, and as they dug deeper and deeper, they unearthed something magnanimous which donned the shape of a temple. And to people’s amazement, it indeed was a temple, buried underneath in a near-perfect condition, preserved by the thick layers of soil.

Even the surrounding stone-cut courtyard which was enclosing this underground temple was in a good condition. The courtyard was supported by ancient stone pillars and at the far end; one could see a statue of a Nandi, which was carved out of black stone with eyes painted in a golden hue.

What made it mysterious was the sight where people saw clear water pouring continuously, from the mouth of the Nandi’s statue, on to the top of the shivalinga’s idol, which was right below it.

The shivalinga was also made out of the same black stone, and was one level lower (two-tier structure). The positioning is also distinctly different compared to the usually seen images in a Shiva temple - where the Nandi is right opposite the idol of shivalinga, outside the temple, at a distance.

From this sanctum there were steps that led to a small pool (tank) called the Kalyani. Located in the centre of the courtyard, this Kalyani was intact. This is where the water flowed down from the shivalinga and got collected. People could even see the 15-feet-deep whirlpool at the centre of the Kalyani soon after the excavation. It is a wonder how most parts of this temple survived damage or destruction.

Everything remains the same even today. And the mystery is as fresh and unexplored as it was in 1997. No one knows how there is a continuous flow of water from the Nandi’s mouth to the idol. No one knows about the source of water to its mouth and how it passes from the mouth on to the shivalinga. No one knows how the whirlpool came into being.

Though Malleswaram boasts of many temples, none of them are as mysterious and attractive as the Nandeeshwara temple. Huge crowds come to see the temple all day long - and it gets overwhelming on the day of Shivaratri.

Maha Shivaratri celebrates grandly every year and a huge number of devotees participated.


Additional Information

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The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Subramanya temple and Kadu Malleswara Temple are the another ancient structure temples near this temple.

As this is located in the heart of Benaglur city , this temple is well connected by road and rail with all the southern major cities.

Kempegowda Bus Station-KSRTC is 4.4 km and
Bengaluru City Railway Junction is just 3.2 km from the temple. Buses and private transport is available from the bus and railway stations.

Kempegowda International Airport is the nearest airport which is 31.3 km.
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