Goddess Nag Devatha

Temple History

The grand Naga Devatha Temple is situated in the heart of Secunderabad Cantonment which is about two km away from Trimulgherry, Secunderabad in the state of Telangana. It is a modern period Hindu temple with traditional south Indian architectural style and pattern. It is the most sought after and among most visited Hindu temple in Secunderabad by the adherent devotees of the twin cities.

Ramchander, hereditary trustee of the temple, said, β€œ The history of the temple can be dated back to the time when the British Army was in control of the Cantonment. A small temple existed there at that time. The efforts for building a new temple was initiated in the early sixties by Sree Jayalakshmi Amma Garu. Construction of the temple was initially opposed by Cantonment officials. Later as a gesture of respect towards the faith, the officials agreed to the construction of the temple. The first Naga Panchami was celebrated in the temple in 1967 and the first phase of construction was completed in 1970. The temple is now a landmark in Secunderabad Cantonment area and attracts a large number of devotees from far and wide.”

Another legend is: British official directing his men to demolish Nagamma Temple, since causing obstacle to his regular way. Nagamma Temple is being demolished in the presence of British official on one Friday.

Significantly on the very following Friday the British official, his horse and pet dog were dead before the temple. At the age of 7 years Sree Jayalakshmi Amma Garu had first darshan of Goddess Naga Devatha and scared at the sight.

Subsequently, devoted Sree Jayalakshmi Amma Garu worshipping Goddess Naga Devatha regularly. Marriage of Jayalakshmi Amma Garu Sri Devarajan Garu of Secunderabad. Sree Jayalakshmi Amma Garu gave birth to Sree Narayana Swamy on 11 March 1956, Who is the incarnation of Goddess Naga Devatha.

At the early age Sree Narayana Swamy started doing deep meditation.At the age of 9 years on 11 March 1965 suddenly and untimely Sree Narayana Swamy rested his divine soul in Goddess Naga Devatha.

The stone pillars of the temple came from the Ujjain Mahankali Temple at Secunderabad. The stone pillars were kept aside after a renovation work carried out at the Mahankali temple. A marriage hall was added in the early nineties.

Chandrashekhar, a member of the temple development committee, said, β€œOne can find hundreds of idols of snakes in and around the temple, installed by devotees. Installation of Naga Devata idols in temples is usually done by people seeking good progeny or suitable partner or as remedy for Naga/Sarpa dosha (act of asking forgiveness for killing a snake). The innumerable installation of such idols at the temple is a testimony to the faith the devotees have on the temple.

At Nag Mandir, Tripindi Shraddha Pooja, Mahamrutunjay Jaap havan pooja, Kalsarpa Shanti Pooja and Narayan Nagbali Pooja are conducted in a religious manner on all auspicious and festive days. The Nag Purnami festival is marked in a grand manner. Various types of homams are conducted at this shrine such as Sri Suktha Homa, Yagna for World Peace, Maha Mrithyunjaya Homa, Saraswati homam, Nava Graha Homa, Maha Sudarsana Homa, Maha Devi Homa, Pitru Yagna, Gayatri Homa and Graha Santi Homa.

Devotees turn up in large numbers especially on Fridays and full moon days. Religious festivals and major events such as Kumkum Abhishekam, Telugu New Year, Tamil New Year, Karthika Pournami are celebrated with great fervour and devotion. Annadanam is done on Fridays and on all major festival days.”


Additional Information

Best Star hotels, budget hotels and lodges are available near Secunderabad Railway station and in the city for the visiting devotees accommodation.

Secunderabad Jubilee Bus Station(JBS) is 5.8 km and Secunderabad Railway Junction is 7.7 km. from the temple.

Secunderabad & Hyderabad are well connected with all the major cities of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh along with Mumbai, Nagpur, Bengalore etc., City buses and autos are available from the Secunderabad Railway Station and Jubilee Bus Station.

Hyderabad International Airport is 45.2 km from the temple. Private transport is available from here.
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