Goddess Durga

Temple History

Kolletikota Peddintlamma Temple is located on the shores of Kolleru Lake in Kolletikota village near Akividu, Kaikaluru Mandal in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. Kolletikota is just 10 KM away from Akividu.

During the 13th century, Kolletikota was ruled by a Suryavansha Odiya king, Langula Narasimhadeva (Langula Gajapathi Raju) from Cuttack in Odisha. His fort was located at Kolletikota. His enemy Muhammadin encamped at Chigurukota on the shores of Kolleru Lake. In some ways the lake protecting the Odiya force then they dug a channel called Upputeru. When war broke out between the Gajapathi and Muhammadin the Odiya force army general Ambadevaraya sacrificed his own daughter named Peddintlamma/Perrantalu to appease the gods on his success. Finally odiya force won the war. After that Ambadevaraya built a temple dedicated to his daughter named Peddintlamma and another deity Jaladurga was installed by Narasimhadeva. In later period the progeny of Gajapathis settled at Kolletikota and surroundings they were called as Vaddis.

The annual festival will be conducted by the descendants of Suryavansha Odiya kings(Vaddi's) belong to Kashyapa Gotra.

Another legend is that, Peddintlamma is the elder of all the 108 Grama Devatas so had been named Peddintlamma and as she is located near huge water body of Kolleru she had also been devoted as Jala Durga Devi at the same premises of Peddintlamma. Both Peddintlamma and Jala Durga Devi Sharing the same Garbha Gruha is a very rare and the speciality of this temple.


Additional Information

Peddintlamma thalli festival is the main festival held every year in Februray/March which will be participated by the huge crowd from surrounding villages.

Eluru is the nearest city to this temple.

There are two kinds of Transportation by road and water. Road way is only available to a certain area and from there you need to travel trough Kolleru lake by crossing a bamboo Bridge or by a Boat till the temple. You need to pass through a Toll Gate for the Bamboo Bridge for which everyone will be charged.

Eluru APSRTC New Bus station is 45.9 km. Akividu bus stand is 14.2 km from here.

Akividu Railway station (13.3 km) is the nearest railway station to this temple.

Vijayawada Airport is the nearest airport which is 86.7 km.
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