Goddess Durga

Temple History

Maa Tara Tarini Temple is located at top of Kumari hill on the bank of the river Rushikulya. It is just 7km away from Purushottampur and 30km away from Berhampur. Maa Tara Tarini temple is known as one of the four Adi Shakti Peethas like Bimala (Pada Khanda, Inside Puri Jagannatha Temple), Tara Tarini (Stana Khanda, Breasts, Near Berhampur, Orissa), Kamakshi (Yoni Khanda, Near Guwahati, Assam) and Dakhina Kalika (Mukha Khanda, Kalighat, West Bengal) originated from the limbs of the Corpse of Mata Sati.

Every Tuesday of Chaitra month ( lunar calendar ) is considered to be scared and heavy rush will be there for darshan of goddess Tara Tarini. These months falls in the March / April months of English Calendar.

Tara Tarini temple is considered as one of the most revered Shakti Peethas & Tantra Peethas and major pilgrimage centres of Hinduism. The Goddess Tara and Tarini has been the presiding deity in every house of South Odisha, a statue with gold and silver ornaments. Two brass heads are placed between the idols of Goddess Tara and Tarini representing as their living image. Both the dieties are about 10 feet high made up of stones, ornamented with gold and silver which looks like human faces represents goddess Tara and Tarini.

The mythology says that Lord Shiva had a dance of destruction (Rudra Tandava) carrying half burnt body of goddess Sati after goddess Sati’s self-immolation. To stop the dance of destruction performed by Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu threw his Chakra (Sudharshan Chakra) on Goddess Sati’s body which dismembered her body into 52 parts. Each body part or ornament of Goddess Sati that fell on different places of the earth, and is the places where the Adi Shakti temples are built. It is believed that the breast of Goddess Sati fell at the Kumari hills where the Tara Tarini Peetha is situated.

On Tuesday, the shrine remains open for the Darshan of the deities from 1.00 AM (mid-night on Monday) till 11 PM (of Tuesday). During that period, Pahada (daytime rest) of the deities is confined to night-time only. Special Khechedi Bhogh is offered to the devotees during Chaitra Parbha.


Additional Information

Accommodation facilities are available at foot hill of Tara Tarini temple. Rooms are maintained by the Temple trust and Odhisha tourism board. Best hotels and lodges are available at Berhampur city.

The road distance is 2.5 KM from foot hill to temple. There is an entry fee of Rs 15 collected at foothill for vehicles. From the foot hill you can take rope way to reach temple top within 5 minutes. Ticket both way will take Rs 40/ and one way is Rs 28/- .

You will get excellent view of river Rusukulya and the greenery around while climbing. Ropeway timing is from morning 07.15 AM to evening 5.30 PM. At the top of the hill you will get excellent view of the surrounding green agricultural land and river Rushikulya.

Bramhapur city has connected with the major cities of Odisha. Bramhapur is 30 km from the temple.

Brahmapur new bus stand is 30.6 km and Berhampur Railway station is the nearest railway station which is 32.2 km from the temple. Taxi services and buses are available from here to reach the temple.

Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bubhaneswar is 161 km.
  • 6:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Contact Person: Temple Board
  • Contact Number: +91 680 2281456, 093378 92106