Lord Vishnu

Temple History

Sri Laxminarayana Swamy Devasthanam is situated at Somasundaram Street, Secunderabad, is one of the most prominent temple in Secunderabad located in prime General Bazar, Secunderabad near Anjali Talkies (Cinema Hall). It was constructed by a great Philanthropist and pious man hailing from Vysysa Community. He is Late Sri Gumidelli Laxminarayana about eighty years back at an estimated cost of Rs 5 Lakhs at that period of time. The presiding Deity Lord Sri Laxminarayana is installed along with his consort Goddess Laxmi. The temple was surrounded by open area creating a sarong atmosphere of devotees in the minds of the people who enter the temple premises and free from sound pollution and theatre goer. It is an ideal place of worship to one and all.

Behind the main temple towards west, there is Lord Ramalingeshwara Swamy Temple consisting of shrines of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Gayathri, Sri Dattatreya and Navagraha which was constructed by Smt. Gumidelli Ramulamma w/o Sri Gumidelli Laxminarayana at a cost of Rs 1 Lakh which is an embodiment of the shaivas (vibhudidars) and vaishnavas (namadars) which are two different sects of Hindu religion.
It is most significant to note that the presiding Deity of Sri Laxminarayana with this consort Goddess Sri Laxmi Devi were constructed by his Holiness Paramahamsa Parivrasakha-Racharya Sri Sri Sri Chinna Kalian Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jiyer, Totadri Mathadipathi of Manguneri (Vg) of Tirunavali District of Tamilnadu according to the Pancharatra Agama Sampradayam.

A few yards away from the main temple towards the south there is a Kalyana Mandapam adorned by Goddess Padmasini Devi and there is Ramanujakutam abutting the Mandapam. Besides this there are other Shrines of Goddess Andal, Goddess Padmavathi, Lord Krishna, Lord Laxminarayana, Ramanuja and Alwar. Added to this there is a very high Galigopuram facing the main gate with its panoramic view and sculptural significance!

In view of its glorious unification of various shrines, the Holiness peetadhipathies and devotees not only from Andhra Pradesh but also from North and South visit this Devasthanam and pay homage to Lord Laxminarayana. During the days of Brahmosthavams, Sri Devi Navarathrulu Uthsavams, Dhanurmasam Uthsavams, Vaikunta Eekadasi, Alwar-Charya Tirunakshtrams festivals conducted by Devasthanam authorities.
Late Rao Sahib Gumidelli Anantha Padmanabha Swamy, who is also a pious-man and endower of the temple and son of Late Sri Gumidelli Laxminarayana the original founder of the temple, during his life time, Sri Gumidelli Laxminaryana donated certain movable and immovable properties like Jewelry, Properties like Houses and Shops to meet the day to day needs such as Nityapuja, Nitya Dhoopadeepa Nyvedyams, Nitya Alankarana of the temple.

The daily pooja in the temple is performed by the Archaka of Vanamamalai Sampradayam of Chennai (Tamil Nadu ) State. This main temple i.e Sri Laxminarayana Swamy Temple is maintained as per Vaishnava Sampradayam in the Pancharatra Agama system and Sri Ramalingeshwara and other three temples are maintained as per the Shiva agama Sampradayam. The important day for performing pooja is Friday in the main temple and Monday in Shivalayam.


Additional Information

Sri Ramanavami, Toli ekadasi and other festivals are grandly celebrated here. The Brahmosthavams are celebrated during Chaitramasam from Suddha Panchami (Mrugasira ) day for ten days and Vaikunta Eekadasi in the month of Dhanurmasam. On these two occasions devotees in large numbers participate most particularly on Vaikunta Eekdasi day. Annakoti festival is also performed on Karteeka Sudda Panchami every year.

This temple is located in General Bazar, Secunderabad which is easily accessible by Bus and Train routes. City buses available from all parts of the Hyderabad. Its very near to Secunderabad Railway station and Jubilee Bus Stand(JBS).
  • 06:30am to 12:00pm and 05:00pm to 08:00pm
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: +(91)-40-27812709