Lord Shiva

Temple History

The origins of the Trimbakeshwar Temple can be traced back to a legend associated with the Rishi Gautam. It is believed that the land was called as Tapobhoomi in the Satya Yuga when a lot of Rishis and Munis (Sages) lived here and did penance. One of them was Gautam Rishi (one of the Saptrishis). He lived at Trimbak with his wife Ahilya. Once, there was a massive drought and the world was suffering from the lack of water. Gautam Rishi offered prayers to God Varuna ( God of water and oceans). God Varuna accepted the prayers and offered him a boon of a tank that provided a never-ending supply of water. Using this water, the Rishi grew agricultural crops like Rice, Wheat and other vegetables. He fed them to the other Rishis residing there.

After a period of time, some of the other Rishis grew jealous and wanted to interrupt Gautam Rishi. They prayed to Lord Ganesha asking him to send a cow to the Rishi’s field and then die. Lord Ganesha warned the Rishis that this will not end well for them. He sent a cow into the field. Gautam Rishi saw it and threw the Darbha grass to frighten it. The cow died on the field. The other Rishis advised that this is a sin and that only River Ganga can purify the place. Gautam Rishi and wife Ahilya started their penance to Lord Shiva who was eventually pleased by the devotion and ordered Ganga to come down to the Earth.

The River Ganga flowed down on Earth from the Brahmagiri hill and Gautam Rishi trapped it in a Kund or a Pond called Kushavarta in the present day. He was relieved of his sin by taking a bath in it. The River was called Dakshin Ganga and is also known as Godavari and Gauthami.

Following the washing off of sins of Gautam Rishi, he along with other Gods and the Godavari requested Lord Shiva to take abode here. Lord Shiva acknowledged them and turned into a Linga to stay there.

Anjaneri mountain, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, is 7 km from Trimbakeshwar.


Additional Information

The Trimbakeshwar Linga is the only Jyotirlinga where the actual Linga is present in a depression or a cavity. The Linga of Lord Shiva emanates water constantly and it is believed that the Linga has started to erode gradually. It is believed that a rumbling or a gurgling sound can be heard in silence from the Linga. It is believed that the eyes of the three Lingas are representations of Sun, Moon and Fire each facing in different directions. It is believed that one who worships this Linga is worshiping all the three Gods at once and attains salvation. The three Lingas of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva are usually covered with a silver crown depicting their faces. However, on special occasions like Mahashivaratri, Karthik Purnima and Dussehra, the Golden crown studded with diamonds and ruby is kept over the three Lingas. It is believed that the Peshwas donated the crown to the Temple and that the crown actually belonged to the Pandavas.
On every Monday of the month, a procession is carried out in a Palki, which carries the silver Panch Mukhi Mukhota from the Trimbakeshwar Temple to the Kushavarta tank and back. The Temple hosts a number of unique Poojas such as Kal Sarpa Dosh Nivaran, Narayan Nagbali Pooja and Tripindi Shraddha.

From Nashik airport Trimbak is 51.5 Km, from Nashik Road station it is 36.6 Km and from CBS Bus Stop 30.5 Km.
  • 5.30 AM to 9.00 PM
  • Contact Person: Ajit Vasant Chandwadkar
  • Contact Number: +91 93 71 00 41 72