Goddess Mahankali Maa

Temple History

Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Temple is an historic temple located in Hari Bowli, Shah-Ali-Banda, Hyderabad. This ancient temple was built during the time of Tana Shah of Golconda period 17th Century by two Brahmin brothers Madanna and Akkanna. These two brothers were one of the favorite ministers of the king and stayed in a house near, where this temple of mahankali existed. Being the true disciples of Goddess Mahankali, Akkanna & Madanna performed pooja every day at the holy temple before they left for the court of golkonda for their day’s work. The two brothers were killed during the war with Mughal Army. Akkanna Madanna are still remembered in Telangana Region as great martyrs and administrators. Akkanna, Madanna are the uncles of Bhaktha Ramadasu, who constructed Lord Sri Rama in Bhadrachalam. It is a 330 years old temple and the main deity here is Mahankali Maa. This temple is very near(1 km) to famous Charminar.

It has been more than 69 years since the temple has been revived from the debris of Hari bowli at Shah Ali Banda. Before the temple was rejuvenated, a very few people in the old city had the knowledge of the existence of this temple. This temple after the demise of Akkanna and Madanna is used as Devidi by the king at that time and then after one day the goddess desire to reveal her and appeared in the dream of an old lady telling where the hidden temple of Mahankali existed. Having heard this from the old lady, a group of enthusiastic young men took initiated in the construction of the temple. Ever since the temple of the great mahankali has seen the daylight of the old city, the Bonalu Festival is celebrated with grand spectacle and riches, and this year it would be the 69 time this festival is been celebrated in succession. The Telangana Stage Government officially celebrate the Bonalu festival grandly here which will be participated by the lakhs of the people.

The pictorial exhibition has been organised by the temple committee to allow devotees a glimpse of the Bonalu festivities that took place over the past several years. Photographs of the last 69 years including those dating back to the Nizam era are also a part of the collection. The temple is synonymous with Bonalu celebrations in the Old City.

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Additional Information

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Ashadam Bonalu is a major festival which is grandly celebrated here every year. People visit in thousands to this temple during the time of Bonalu festival. The main occasion of the temple is ‘Ghatam’. There is an estimation that about one lakh people comes to see this Ghatam.

Hyderabad Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station(MGBS)
bus stations is 3.4 km from the temple.

This temple is very near to Nampally railway station which is 6.1 kms. Secunderabad Railway Station is just 11.4 km and Kachiguda Railway Station is 5.6 km from this temple. MMTS Metro rail is available from Secunderabad Station to Huppuguda railway station is just 2.1 km from the temple.

Many City Buses, Autos and Cabs are available from the bus stand and railway stations to reach the temple.

Hyderabad International Airport, Shamshabad is the nearest airport to this temple which is just 20.7 km from here.
  • Morning 5.30 am to 1.00 pm and Evening from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: +91 9849200860