Origin of river Krishna

Temple History

Krishnabai temple is supposed to be source of the Krishna river. The temple is quite old and surprisingly clean, in spite of being in ruins.

Believed to be the source of Krishna River, Krishna temple is a hidden gem of Mahabaleshwar. The is an ancient historical temple with clean surroundings. This is a heritage site and is believed to belong from Pandavas Era. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and houses a Shiva lingam and a statue of Krishna. There is also a small pond or kund near the small stream flowing from Krishna river. The temple is in ruins, but shows faded beautiful carvings on the walls. The ruined temple is covered with green moss, and that's what makes it photogenic.


Additional Information

Right behind the parking for the Panchganga temple, there is a small well-marked trail which takes you to the Krishnabai temple. The trail takes you through the woods, but the view from the temple would be something out of the blue.

From Pune airport the temple is 130 Km, from Wathar railway station 60 Km and 124 Km from Pune Railway Station.

Taxis are easily available in Mahabaleshwar for site seeing.
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