Shri Gogaji

Temple History

The temple is 950 years old. It was prepared and renovated by the Maharaja of Bikaner Shri Ganga Singhji in the year 1911. The temple was established to commemorate Shri Gogaji the local deity whose influence over the people is very intense.

Shri Gogaji Maharaj was a chouhan warrior who laid down his life for being a martyr he was deified. He was invested with certain Super natural powers and it is said that he became a Nath. He commands respect of Hindus and Muslims both. People visited his temple annually and in his name is devotees reutilize poison whenever someone is bitten by a poisonous snake.

The temple of Gogaji is a happy combination of Hindu and Muslim style of Architecture. The temple is built on a high mound. Inside the temple is the shrine of Gogaji, is engraved statue can be seen in the form of a warrior riding horse, with a lance in hand and snake around is neck. Thus the statue appears to be of a valiant knight undauted and confident. The temple is visited by all caste and all communities.

Gogaji is popular as a Devta who protects his followers from snakes and other evils. Almost every village in Rajasthan has a Than (sacred place, generally a small temple) dedicated to him.

His shrine, referred as medi, consists of a one-room building with a minaret on each corner and a grave(Mazar) inside, marked by a Nishan( A symbol, a sign), which is made up of a long bamboo with peacock plumes, a coconut, some colored threads and some handpankhas with a blue flag on the top.

On the 9th of Bhadra, the people worship his symbol, a black snake painted on a wall. Worshippers take a fly-flap, known as chhari, round the village. Devotees pay their respect to it and offer churma. The Savayians sing devotional songs known as ‘Pir ke Solle’ in his honour to the accompaniment of deroos. Beating of deroos is the exclusive privilege of the Savayian community; others may sing, dance or offer charhawa. It is believed that the spirit of Gugga temporarily takes abode in the devotee dancer who lashes himself with a bunch of iron chains. People also open their rakhis on this day(bhadra krishna paksh navmi) and offer them to him.They also offer mithi puri (a type of sweet chappati) and other sweets and take his blessing.


Additional Information

Gogaji is one of the five renowned peers (valiant martyrs) with super natural powers. He is a local deity and he is highly venerated as he is capable of removing snake venom. Gogaji is worshiped not only in Rajasthan but also in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh from where devotees in great numbers come to the place of Gogaji with their expressed wishes in the hope of getting them fufilled by the deity.

From IGI Airport Delhi the temple is 250 Km, from Gogameri station 1.5 Km and 1.2 Km from Gogameri Bus Stop.
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