Lord Subrahmanyeshwara Swamy

Temple History

The ancient Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy swayambhu temple is located in Mallam village of Chittamuru mandal, Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. Mallam village is situated between Nayudupeta and Dugarajapatnam towns. The main deity here is Sri Valli, Devasena sametha Sri Subrahmanya Swamy.

This temple was constructed by the Chola rulers around 11th century in Mallam. The Vasanta Mandapam in the temple is in the form of a chariot drawn by a pair of horses. The 64 pillars of the mandapam are decorated with pictures of creepers and tales from Ramayanam, Bharatham, Bhagavatam and Siva Puranam. The carvings on the wall of this temple attracts thousands of people from different part of India. The major attraction of this temple is the religious ritual which is held in the premises of this temple. This is one of the perfect place for attaining spiritual peace.

The legendary says, Lord Muruga killed a demon by name Mallasura at this very place and the demon prayed to the Lord asking to be forgiven and have the place named after him and so the place came to be known Mallam.

Next comes the story of a Pandya king ruling this region around 635 CE, who while returning from war wanted to take a break near this village and asked his people to clear the outgrowth. While the clearing work was in progress, the workers suddenly found blood oozing out of the outgrowth, following which the king lost his vision. He then had a dream where Lord Subramanya told him about his idol beneath the ground. When the workers dug up the place, they found an idol of Lord Muruga with his hands chopped from the clearing work. The king immediately had a temple built around the idol and his eye-sight was restored !

Even to this day, you can see the small idol of Subramanyeswara Swamy half above the ground, devoid of arms. This idol was worshipped for several centuries until a proper idol was installed in recent years. The new idol is now worshipped regularly while the ancient idol can be seen in a corner of the Sanctum.

There is another story associated with the temple chariot. This chariot is the must seen here, it shows the power of architects at that time. The king asked his trusted architects to construct the temple corridor, which looks like chariot. The craftsman constructed it with utmost devotion and dedication. After the work is over, craftsmen wanted to show this magnificent chariot to his lover in Thanjavur, so he gave prana to the chariot. The chariot turned 180 degrees to the direction of thanjavur and it is about to run, at same time his father came and saw his son’s foolish act and cut the legs of chariot and also killed his son and himself. The broken legs of horse can be seen even today. As the chariot turned, this place is also called Thirugudumallam. The little known temple at Mallam is one of the countless architectural gems scattered across our country.

There are rooms available here under temple trust for 100 rupees per day.


Additional Information

Best hotels are available in Gudur city and Nayudupeta town for the devotees. Buses and private transport is easily get from these cities.

Naydupeta Bus stand and Railway station's are 26 kms from the temple. APSRTC buses and private transport is available from Nayudupeta town.

Guduru Railway junction is just 44 kms from Mallam which has the connectivity with all the major cities of India. District head quarter Nellore is 80 kms from the Mallam village.

Tirupati International Airport is the nearest airport which is 80 kms from mallam temple.
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