Goddess Durga

Temple History

The Mangla Gauri temple is built on top of the Mangalagauri hill in Gaya of Bihar state and stands on the bank of Falgu River. Gaya is about 100 Kms from South of Patna. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. This temple constitutes an Upa Shakti Pitha where it is believed that a part of the body of Shakti fell - according to mythology. Here Shakti is worshiped in the form of a breast, a symbol of nourishment. The Mangla Gauri shrine in Gaya, one of the most holy sites has two rounded stones which symbolizes the breasts of the Goddess Sati, who is regarded as the first wife of Lord Shiva.

It is a very old temple built in the 15th century. We have to climb up a small hillock to reach the temple. The steps route is in between houses of local people. At the starting of steps route, there is the temple of Bhima (One of Five Pandavas). We can see his knee impression here. Here Bhima did Shraddhakarma, hence called as Bhimvedi Gaya.
Main temple is very small temple and only 2 to 3 members can go into the temple at a time. There is no idol in the temple. We can see Breast of Satidevi in deepa lighting. It is believed that whoever comes to maa Durga with his wishes and prayers, returns successfully with all of prayers and wishes come true.

There are also two minor shrines dedicated to Shiva and images of Mahishasura Mardini, Durga and Dakshina Kali. Lord Ganesha temple is in front of the main temple. There is a Bilva tree to which people offer puja. The temple complex encompasses of temples of Maa Kali, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

Devi navaratri's are celebrated grandly here which attracts the huge crowd of devotees during.

The famous Vishnupada temple is very nearer to the Mangala Gauri temple.


Additional Information

Hotels and lodges are available in Gaya for the devotees accommodation.

Bodh Gaya about 11 Kms from Gaya, where Buddha attained salvation is an important tourist attraction.

Gaya city is well connected by the road and rail ways with all the major cities of India. Gaya bus stand and Gaya Railway Junctions are 4.3 kms from the temple.

Buses, taxis and autos are available from the bus stand and railway stations to reach the temple.

Gaya Airport is the nearest airport which is 8.6 kms distance.
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