Lord Hanuman

Temple History

This temple is 600 years old and since then beliefs of local people on this temple has never changed and people from all over the country visit this temple for the prayer. The temple was renovated some 300 years ago by Thakur Devi Singh. In 1959 Saint Kamalnayan Tyagi came here after taking sanyas and did tapasya for 24 years and attained sipitual powers. It is due to his efforts this place became famous and people come here on tuesdays, wednesdays and saturdays to make wishes

In this temple idol of lord Ganesha is placed on the left side of Hanuman’s idol. People of this believe village believes having two idol and same place is making this idol pure and lucky and they also believe that this idol of Hanuman also fulfills wishes of people.

People say that the idol of Hanuman predicts future of people. It shows the future of a person who visit this temple. There are many miracles that happened in this place and it is the thing which is making the belief of people more strong.

Out all the miracles, the biggest miracle of this temple is that, when a train passes through this temple then it automatically slows down when it reaches near to the temple.


Additional Information

The priest of this temple said, that the loco pilot of the train said that it feels like someone is telling us to slower down the speed of train when we are reaching near the temple. But if we ignore it, then the speed of train slows down automatically. The priest shared a weird experience, he said that few days back two goods train collided on the tracks. Later on the loco pilots of both the trains were asked about happening of this accident then they both said that got intuition about this disaster. Before the collision of these train, they heard someone asking to slower down the speed of train but they ignored the voice and didn’t slow down the speed and then what happened everyone knows.

From Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal the temple is around 112 Km and from Bolai station 1.6 Km approx.
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