Goddess Mahalakshmi

Temple History

The famous Mahalaxi Mandir is situated in Manak Chowk, Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh. Ratlam is a splendid tourist destination filled with culture, heritage, historic temples and breathtaking natural visuals.

Manek Chowk situated Shri Mahalaxmiji Mandir here has got very unique features of faith of devotees. The main attraction of this temple is, on the occasion of Diwali devotees give there currency and valuables to the temple Pujari in temple to decorate the temple Garb grih which is kept for three days from Dhanteras to Diwali, the belief that it is very auspicious. After the festival the currency and valuables would be returned to the original owners by the Pujari. In view of this faith of the devotees of keeping valuables high security arrangements are made by the administration and police. This temple receives offerings worth crores each year that includes even gold and silver ornaments. However, here the gold and silver prasad is not treated as a form of jewellery, and in fact considered as a blessing from the Goddess of wealth and is never spend or sold off.

Devotees said that this process is continuing since very long period and the devotees have got back what valuables they deposited with the Pujari of the Temple correctly. The faith is increasing and so the number of persons keeping valuables is increasing year after year. This year, Mahalaxmi Temple in Ratlam to be decorated with cash and jewels worth Rs. 100 crore for Diwali.


Additional Information

Among several Ratlam attractions, famous ones are Kalika Mata Temple, Amarji Temple, Sagod Jain Temple, Bilpakeshwara Temple and Ananya Mahadev Temple.

As a tourist place, best hotels and lodges are available in Ratlam city for the visitors.

MPSRTC runs buses from various cities of Madhya Pradesh. Ratlam Bus stand, Mhow Neemuch Road is just 2.7 kms from the temple.

Ratlam Junction is connected to the major cities of India which is 3 kms from the temple. Buses, Autos and taxis are available from the bus stand and railway stations.

Devi Ahillyabai Holkar Airport, Indore is the nearest airport which is 124 kms from here.
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