Lord Venakateshwara Swamy

Temple History

Sri Kurumurthy Swamy temple is situated 32 Kms from Gadwal Town. This temple is located on Kurupathi hill near Ammapur Village. Lord Venkateshwara Swamy is the main deity of this temple. Matha Devi and Hanumanji's idols also installed on the temple premises. This is the only temple where Balaji is appeared with moustaches. This temple is also popularly known as “Tirupati of the poor”.

It is said that this ancient temple was built 630 years ago (1350 or 1268 AD). It is believed that Lord Srinivasa self manifested himself on the Kurupathi hills known as second Tirupathi.

Name of the place is Kurupathi and it has an interesting story behind it. In the Telugu local dialect of the place, “kuru” means “to do“, “Matim” means “mind” and “pati“ means “husband”. Hence this hill where the Lord resides is called as Kurupathi. Later in the year 1350 A.D Sri Mukkara Chandra Reddy constructed and it was altered and renovated by Sri Ramabhupal and KothaKapulu.

Similar to Tirumala Tirupathi, Lord Srinivasa made his presence on the seven hills on Kurupathi. Which are,Swethadri, Ekadri, Durgadri, Ghanadri, Ballukadri, Patagadri and at the last Daivatadri. The temple of Lord Sri kurumurthy srinivasa is exactly on the hills of Daivatadri.

Uddala Mandapam is the another main attraction of this temple. Uddala Mandapam is constructed in 1878. Here the chappals of Kurumurthy Swamy kept here which is used on the occasion of Sri Vari ‘Uddala Seva’ celebrations. Sri Vari “Uddala seva” will be performed when foot wear will be carried and presented to Sri Kurumuthy Swamy.

Kurumurthy Jathara is the famous big jathara of the Mahabubnagar district which is being celebrated every year. During this jathara celebrations, TSRTC arranges special buses from Hydeabad, Gadwal, Mahbubnagar, Devarakadra and surrounding cities to this temple. Every year, lakhs of devotees come for the darshan of deity of Lord Vishnu during this ‘Jatara’. Devotees not just from Mahbubnagar and surrounding areas, but also from Karnataka and Maharashtra come to visit the ‘jatara’.

The most important day during Brahmotsavalu celebrations is Sri Vari ‘Uddala Seva’. Uddala Mandapa is the place where chappals were made by people of Vaddeman village are kept. It is said that shoemaker in the village would prepare it with great devotion. Without having food and surviving only on milk for three days he makes it for Lord Srinivasa. During this event, a procession will be held wherein the footwear of the Lord will be carried and presented to Sri Kurumurthy Swamy.


Additional Information

Best accommodation options are available in Gadwal & Mahabubnagar cities. One can stay at Mahabubnagar town or Gadwal Town and visit this temple.

Ammapur village is just 1.6 kms only. Kothakota Bus Stand is 19 kms, Devarkadra is 24 ksms, Gadwal Bus Station is 42 kms and Mahabubnagar bus stand is 46 kms. TSRTC buses regularly available from Hyderabad, Gadwal, Mahabubnagar and Wanaparthy to reach this temple by road.

Gadwal Railway Station is 44.7 kms and Kurumurthi railway station(only passenger trains) is 8.5 kms from the temple. Many express trains like Banglore, Samparkkranthi, Venkatadri etc., trains have stop at Gadwal railway station.

Hyderabad Airport is the nearest Airport which is 135 Kms in distance.
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