Lord Venakateshwara Swamy

Temple History

Maldakal Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy temple is situated in Maldakal village of Gadwal district. This temple is dedicated to Swamyabhu Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy. This temple is more popularly known as the Maldakal Timmappa Temple.

This temple subject is described in Bramhanda purana and Skanda purana of sacred Ashtadasa Puranas. Earlier Maldakal is known "Modala Kallu" which means Adi Sila Kshetram in telugu and primal stone in english.

Locals said that, this ancient temple in Maldakal of Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy is constructed by Gadwal Maharaj Sri Chitrabhushan.

Lord Siva performed penance (Tapas), heads down here at this place, to have darsan of Lord Venkateswara. Pleased with his penance Lord Venkateshwara had given him darshan in this holy place. As the Lord Shiva is kshethrapalaka of this temple, this is hill is called as "Girishachalam". The Hill is developed as temple. The main deity here is in Anirudharupa. The three floor rajagopuram is the attraction of the temple. Lord Anjaney Swamy and Lord Garuthmantha idols are installed both sides of the Rajagopuram. Beauitiful holy water pond(koneru) is beside the rajagopuram where the devotees take a bath before the darshan.

Lord Shiva, Swayambhu Anantha Padmanabha swamy, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Lakshi Devi and Lord Vishnu's Dashavata idols are present in the temple premises. We found 19 feet Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi devi idols in the temple.

A visit to this Temple would give the devotee the complete benefits of visiting all the ‘Punya Kshetras” on the Earth. According to the Brahmanda Purana, If you visit this Temple, at least once in your lifetime, there’s no need to visit any other Temple on this Earth again.

Huge crowd of devotees visits this temple the annual Timmappa Jaatara, that is being celebrated here for several centuries on the Pournami (Full Moon) day that falls in the month of December. Not only from Telangana, Devotees from neighboring states Andhrapradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra visits and participates on this event every year. Government make arrangements during the festival. TSRTC runs buses from surrounding cities and Hyderabad to Maldakal temple.


Additional Information

Hotels and accommodation facilities are available in Gadwal city. Buses and private transport is available from Gadwal.

This temple is located between Ieeja and Gadwal road. Ieeja and Gadwal are the nearest towns to Maldakal.

Ieeja New Bus Stand 13 kms and Gadwal bus stand is 18 kms from the temple. Buses and private transport is available to reach this temple from both these cities.

Gadwal Railway Station is the nearest railway station which has good connectivity with the major cities of India which is 17.5 kms to Maldakal.

Hyderabad International Airport is 186 kms far away from the temple.
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