Lord Shiva

Temple History

Sri Papa Hareswara Swamy temple is an ancient situated in Kadile village, Dilawarpur Mandal of Nirmal District.

This is the only Shiva temple with west facing entrance. Goddess Annapurna Devi temple is located besides the main temple facing south side. This is the second Annapurna Devi temple facing south side in India after Kashi Annapurna Devi temple. Sri Chakram is installed in the front of the Devi. Every Tuesday and Friday Kumkumarcha ritual and bangles are offered to Goddess Annapurana Devi.

Locals said that, ancient Sri Papa Hareshwara swamy temple is belongs to 8th to 12th Century, developed in Chalukya region. The Shivalinga is installed by Sri Parasurama. This is the 32nd one from 108 shivalingas installed by him all over the India. This temple is dedicated to Sri Papahareshwara Swamy one of the forms of Lord Shiva. "Kadile" in telugu means "moving". It is said that, during the penance of Parashurama the Shiva linga has slightly moved. Lord Shiva here is called as Kadile Papa Hareshwara.

There are seven small water ponds near the temple which are known as Saptha Gundas. Rushi gundam, Sarvapapanashini gundam, Shivarchana gundam, Pala gundam, Shiva theertha gundam, Surya gundam and Chandra gundam are the seven gundas. Devotees takes bath in these gundas. This water have the medicinal values which gives relief to the deceases. Another specialty here is a big tree beside these gundas is known as "Vata Vriksha" which has 18 different trees with one branch. Devotees do the pradakshina to this tree.

Lord Bramha, Varaha Swamy, Satyanarayana Swamy and Naga Devtha idols are there in the temple premises along with a Bow(stone form) is also here known as "Allubanda" or "Shiv Dhanassu" in the temple.

Mahashivarathri festival is grandly celebrated here which attracts the huge crowd of devotees from the surrounding villages.


Additional Information

Best hotels and restaurants are available in Nirmal city.

Nirmal is the nearest city which is just 18 kms from the temple.

Nirmal Bus Station is 18.3 kms and Bhainsa Bus Station 34.2 kms from the temple.

Basara Railway station is the nearest railway station 62 kms to the temple.

Hyderabad International Airport is 290 kms from here.
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