Lord Dattathreya

Temple History

Sri Rahu Roopa Shayana Dattatreya Swamy is an ancient temple situated beside the Mulavagu river in Varadavelli village, Boinpally Mandal of Karimnagar District.

This temple is dedicated to Sri Dattatreya Swamy in Rahu rupa shayana avatar. This is the only temple in the world where Sri Dattatreya Swamy seen in sleeping position. Varadavelli temple is very near to famous Vemulawada Sri Rajarajeshwars swamy temple. Just 6.5 kms from Vemulawada.


Additional Information

Karimnagar is the nearest city to this temple which has good accommodation and transport facilities.

Varadavelli village is very near to the famous Vemulawada Rajarajeshwara Swamy temple. It is just 6.5 kms from there. Vemulawada Bus Station is 7 kms and Karimnagar bus station is 25 kms.

Karimnagar Railway Station is 29.5 kms.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is 203 kms from the temple.
  • 6:00 am to 7:30 pm
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: (+91) 9441135530, 9959092933