Lord Narasimha Swamy

Temple History

Lord Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy ancient temple is situated on a hill in Singarayakonda city of Prakasam district. This temple is very near to National highway no.5. Singam means lion. Konda means "hill".

This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Varaha Lakshmi Narashima swamy. There is a lake called Bhavanasi Koneru near the temple.

According to the inscriptions this temple belong to 15 th century. It is said that the Narasimha swamy idol along with Rajyalakshmi and Goda devi were installed by Lord Srirama. This temple was developed and famous during the dynasty of Vijayanagara King Sri Krishna Devaraya. He granted five villages for the support of the temple. Rayasam Ayyapparusu, who was ruling Udayagiri Durgam in the kingdom of Krishnadevaraya, gave the village of Jillelamudi as a Sarvamanya for providing all enjoyments to Sri Narasimhadeva in 1527 AD for the religious merit of the Raja of Vijayanagara. In the 1528 AD Dontayya presented an image of Hanuman to the temple.

This temple premises also has Sri Yoga Narasimha swamy who sits in a Beautiful posture in one of the Yoga Aasana. Also known as "Thatha(grand father) Narasimha swamy". It is said that, Yoga Narasimha swamy was swayambhu here. He was pleased by the penance of famous saint Sri Narada maha muni. Devotees also visit Ayyappa Swamy temple near this temple.

Annual Bramhotsvam is celebrated grandly here every year. Thousands of devotees throng to the area to participate in the celebrations from the surrounding villages and other cities.


Additional Information

Singarayakonda and Ongole cities are the nearest cities to this temple. Hotels and accommodation facilities are availableat Singarayakonda city.

Singarayakonda is the nearest city to this temple. Singarayakonda is well connected by rail & road with frequent buses from Kandukur, Kanigiri and Ongole.

Singarayakonda Bus station is 3.3 kms and Ongole bus stand is 37 kms from here.

Singarayakonda Railway station road is just 2.8 kms from the temple. Autos and private transport is available from the bus and railway stations.

Tirupati Airport is 220 kms and Vijayawada Airport is 203 kms from the temple.
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