Lord Shiva

Temple History

Sri Kapotheshwara swamy temple is situated in Chejerla village, Nekarikallu mandal of Guntur district. This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the deity is in Lingakara.

Lord Siva is here represented as Kapotheshwara, who gave a portion of his own body in order to save a pigeon that took refuge with him. Curiously, in the image of the Linga there are even today large cavities as if portions have been scooped or cut out, and these are said to be the places of the body, from which the Lord cut off his own flesh, in order to save the life of the Kapotha(Pigeon). The cavities in the Idol absorbs the Abhisheka Tirtha and no one known to where this Tirtha is flowing. One can feel the smell of raw flesh.

According to shasanam this ancient temple belongs to 4th or 5 th century. This temple includes three types of architecture called the Nagara, the Vesara, and the Dravidian. It is believed that Kapoteswara Swamy Temple Vimana was originally a Buddhist Chaitya (Prayer Hall) which was modified for the worship of Lord Shiva. According to the historical records found here, the place was once a great Buddhist Monastery later converted to an Hindu temple.

The temple of Chezerla is a rare exception and this is a temple on the Apsidal model. This Apsidal plan and barrel vaulted structure, is classified in the VastuSastras, as 'Hasti prasta' or elephant back. These were originally Buddhist Chaityas and were readjusted for the purpose of Hindu worship, by the introduction of internal walls and upper store to seclude the Garbha Griha from the rest of the building. The end of the temple takes the form of an apse and in its centre is a white marble Linga.

Sibi Chakravarthy is a great King in Hindu mythology and the Jataka Tales of Buddhism. A famous story of Sibi Chakravarthy is associated with this temple.

Maha Shivaratri festival and Kartika masam is grandly celebrated here and attracts huge crowd from many cities.


Additional Information

Hotels and accommodation facilities are available at Narasaraopet city which has good connectivity by road and railways with all the major cities of Andhra Pradesh.

Lord Subramanya Swami Temple is present on top of the hills and there are steps to reach the temple. The hill is surrounded by green farm fields and scenic beauty.

Nekarikallu, Narasaropet and Piduguralla are the nearest cities to reach Chejerla temple. APSRTC buses regularly ply to these cities from various cities. District head quarter Guntur is 75 kms from here. Vijayawada is about 125 kms.

Nekarikallu Bus Station is 19 kms.

Narasaraopet is the nearest railway station which is 30 kms and Piduguralla railway station is 35 kms from the temple.

Vijayawada Airport is 148 kms from Chejerla.
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