Lord Durga Mata

Temple History

Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani temple is situated in Nagasanapalli village of Papannapet mandal in Medak district. This is the second famous temple after Sammakka Sarakka in Telangana state.

This is the place where seven rivulets meet at a point. Here the temple of durga maatha is of one of the most famous and powerful temple in Telangana. The temple is located in the Pedda Gutta Soramgam which is also called as Garuda Ganga and the temple is situated where the Manjeera river flows in a small distance. One must visit this place in rainy season where the nature of forest and green fields makes this place more beautiful.

The specialty of this temple is it is formed with the names of seven sages who are famous in the Indian mythology and the names are Jamadagni, Atri, Kasyapa, Viswamitra, Vasistha, Bharadwaja and Gowtama and a feast is celebrated every year during the time of Shiva Ratri and the name of that feast is Seven Payala jaatara.

This temple is formed in the 12th century. The goddess Durga (Vanadurga) is originated first in the Paapanna Pet Mandalam at Nagsanpalli region out skirts. The feast is celebrated for one week every year starting from the Shiva Ratri season. Once upon a time this area is very silent with no population and human being wandering there but after the origin of this Durga temple, the Seven branches of river Manjeera became very famous with a number of devotees. The idol of the goddess is situated in the middle of these 7 rivulets 3 front and four back.

Every year more than 20 lakh people worship goddess vanadurga and do customary bath in the 7 rivers and pray the goddess vanadurga for the good cultivation and better living in the time of shivaratri and durgashtami. Here thousands of devotees pitch up their makeshift tents around the temple for three days jaatara of goddess vanadurga devi. Here thousands of devotee give cut (Bali) of sheep and hen as a nivedana to the goddess to fulfill their wishes.

Edupayala jatara is the famous festival held here. Nearly 20 lakhs devotees participates during the festival from all over the cities. The Telangana Government arranges all the facilities during the Jatara time.

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Additional Information

Telangana tourism department is maintaining Haritha Hotel near this temple for the deovtees.

Hotels and accommodation facilities are available at Medak(10 Kms) city.

Medak is the nearest city and is just 12 kms from this temple. Medak city is well connected to all the major cities of Telangana and 100 kms from Hyderabad city.

Medak bus stand is 14 kms from Edupayala. Mirzapalli and Wadiaram railway stations are nearest railway stations to reach this temple which are 34 kms in distance.

Hyderabad International Airport is 118 kms from Edupayala temple.
  • 6:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Contact Person: Temple Office
  • Contact Number: (+91) 9866331529